How To Live With Hearing Loss

Having hearing loss doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t live your life normally. In these modern times, there are plenty of hearing technologies to assist and hearing aids designed for various types of hearing loss. Aside from that, a lot of organizations offer recreational activities for those with hearing disabilities.

So you think you can’t enjoy life because you have hearing loss? Think again. Below are some helpful tips for you to live life normally and to the fullest despite your disability.


Find the Perfect Hearing Device for You

Your first step to make your hearing better is to have your audiologist perform a thorough examination of your hearing problem. From there, they will help you determine the mildness or severity of your hearing loss. Your audiologist will ask you about your lifestyle as well in order for them to be able to determine what hearing aid options are best for you.

The smartest criteria that you should consider before purchasing a hearing aid is its function, size, your lifestyle, budget and the shape and style that you are comfortable wearing around for a long time.


Get an Amplified Phone

Amplified phones are designed to help those with hearing loss hear well. Most of these phones have a tone control and built-in amplification to help you tune up the volume higher than the traditional phones. Because of it, you’d be able to hear a clearer and better conversation over the phone. Apart from that, you can also opt for a smartphone which can be synchronized with your hearing aids.


Keep Up Your Self Esteem

Self-esteem is something that you should not let go even if you experience hearing loss because it will be your pillar of mental health. Losing it could lead you to depression and coping with your hearing loss will be harder for you. Keep up your self-esteem no matter what the cost. Don’t let your current hearing condition affect it. Should you need support from others, let them help you build your self-esteem.


Prepare Helpful Coping Strategies

Having hearing loss doesn’t mean you should lock yourself away from the rest of the world. Rather than stressing about it, help yourself get back on your feet. Prepare helpful coping strategies that you can apply so you can still be productive in your day to day life. There are lots of recreation and leisure institutions designed for people with hearing disabilities. Get yourself involved in this community and learn from the others how they are able to cope with their hearing loss.



Communication is the foundation to all understanding. Never stop communicating despite your condition. Tell others honestly about your hearing condition and tell them what type of communication you’re more comfortable in talking with them.

Is it through speaking in a louder tone? Would facial and body gestures help? Do you need a media device to help you understand them better? It is important to stay open about these concerns to them so they will be able to understand you better. If you don’t understand them, ask them to rephrase what they said. Do not hesitate to confirm if the information you heard is right, or ask them politely to repeat what they said.


Living with hearing loss may not be easy, especially for those who experience it later in their lives. However, one should remember that they are not alone in this struggle. Having hearing loss should not be an excuse to stop enjoying and living a normal life.

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