5 Ways to Decrease Your Dementia Risks

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Dementia is a vast field of symptoms related to memory deterioration that affects an individual’s ability to perform simple daily activities when it becomes severe.

However, one can prevent it from happening or decrease the risks of acquiring it by following these 5 simple ways:

Maintain Healthy Hearing

Our hearing is responsible for a lot of our intellectual stimulation. If you have mild hearing loss, chances of having dementia and having cognitive problems are higher. It is better to treat mild hearing loss immediately with the help of hearing aids. According to researchers, hearing aids might help reduce your dementia risks.

If you have healthy hearing, maintain it. Do not overly clean your ears to prevent it from abrading. Use hearing protective devices when going out to noisy places like nightclubs and rock concerts. Use headphones in moderation, and most of all, have your audiologist keep your hearing health in check for you.

Have Your Depression Treated

Depression is another cause of dementia development by directly affecting our stress hormones and damaging certain neuronal cells. Although medication such as taking antidepressants can help reduce depression, engaging and socializing with friends, community or an organization is still the best option. Hearing more from your environment and associating yourself with others more often helps improve your stimulation, decreasing your dementia risks.

Get Moving

Exercise is essential in multiplying the nerve cells responsible for our memory and cognitive functions. It protects the brain by decreasing our body’s cortisol levels and narrowing vascular risks.

People who are idle or inactive have higher dementia risks because there is no proper blood circulation in their body, uneven distribution of nutrients as a result of poor blood circulation, and weight gain. If the brain doesn’t acquire enough nutrients or rid off itself from harmful toxins, the nerve cells will slowly deteriorate and dementia is likely to occur.

Never Stop Learning

Learning and exploring new things every day is a great way of utilizing your brain. The more you use your brain, the better your memory becomes and you’d gain more knowledge. Keeping your brain active not only makes you smart but it also lowers your risk of dementia.

Try working out on fun brain games like answering trivia questions, doing crossword puzzles, reading an interesting book, or learning a new language. The more you enjoy doing these activities, the sharper your memory will be.

Quit Smoking

Aside from damaging our respiratory system, smoking also degrades our cardiovascular health. Poor cardiovascular health can lead to dementia. Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that tobacco contains neurotoxins which can permanently damage your brain cells.


Dementia is a mental illness which develops over time due to unhealthy living, inactive lifestyle, and poor brain utilization. Would you start living healthy after it’s too late? Or would you take an action plan now and turn things the other way around? The choice is yours.

Taking care of our overall health should always be our priority and having healthy hearing matters a lot too. When we are healthy, we can care for our loved ones, we can enjoy doing things that we love and most of all, become successful in our future endeavors. Consult us now at Beltone Audiology for more tips on how to live healthily. You can also call us at (888) 210-5846 for a free hearing test.