Hearing Aid Accessories To Spruce Up Your Ears

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Hearing aids, for centuries, have proved vital to those who have hearing impairments in improving one’s quality of life. Depending on the model, they don’t necessarily come cheap! Which is enough motivation for you to take good care of them.

Keeping your hearing aids clean, aside from being hygienic, prevent them from breaking and helps them continue to serve you effectively. Certain accessories are available in the market today to help you do just that.

Ear Wax Pick

Ear wax is the number one cause for hearing aid malfunctions and breakage. The ear wax pick is placed into the receiver tube to remove any ear wax or particle inside. During this process the receiver tube must be facing down to allow ear wax or particles to fall away from the aid and not further inside. This tool was made especially for the hearing aid and it is important to note that you must never use pins, or other objects that may fit in the receiver tube, as a substitute.

Hearing Aid Brush

This is usually attached to the ear wax pick, and is commonly ignored and not used at all. This tool is used to brush the surfaces and holes to rid them of unwanted particles and debris.

Wax Guard

Wax guards keep your ear wax and moisture away from your receiver depending on how advanced your guard is. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be needing to clean your hearing aid anymore. On the contrary, it’s recommended that you still clean your hearing aids everyday.

Wax guards have to be changed, and the frequency of which will depend on how much ear wax you release as some produce more than others. There are those who will need to change it every month and others who can afford to change it every several months.

Hearing Aid Dehumidifier/ Dryers

Moisture can cause corrosion or deterioration of the device. An accessory that suits those who are active and love the outdoors, dehumidifiers/ dryers remove the moisture from your hearing aid. This is also easy to use as you just leave your hearing aid in the dehumidifier/dryer overnight or in a span of a few hours.

Hearing Aid Case

What better way to protect your beloved hearing device from the elements of the outdoors than encapsulating it in a case especially made to protect it? The hearing aid case does just that and can even store other accessories your might need.

Hearing is truly a beautiful part of being alive. It allows us to notice the majestic sounds and beats that are part of a whole spectacle. The hearing aid is an instrument that allows those with auditory disabilities or limitations, to experience this gift that many have taken for granted.

It only makes sense that one must strive to look after this wonderful instrument with the tools and accessories needed to do so. For more expert advice on which is right for you, call Beltone Audiology today at (888) 210-5846.