June 2017

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  • When Should You Change Your Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids are one of the most common hearing loss remedies prescribed by ear doctors. Patients can easily slip a pair on and have his or her hearing amplified in order to listen, communicate, and participate more in social situations.   However helpful they may be, hearing aids are still gadgets and like every other […]

  • How To Avoid Swimmer’s Ear This Summer

    Summer, as your local weatherman knows, is just around the corner. But before you engage in your summer activities like going to the beach or indulging in a cone of ice cream, know that there are some disastrous things that may happen. For instance, since you and your family will most likely be visiting the […]

  • How To Protect Your Hearing In Loud Places

    Damage to the ears is normally caused by noise. Excessive noise is something that we disregard on a daily basis, but can hugely contribute to deafness. Once the tiny hair cells inside the air get damaged, this can become permanent and irreversible. We’ve already read and known about various tips to improve our hearing. However, […]

  • Tips For Finding Affordable Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids are devices designed to improve your hearing ability if you experience hearing loss. They amplify and process sounds so it can be easier to understand. It is therefore important to find or choose the right hearing aid which works best for you, and at the same time, you feel comfortable wearing at all […]

  • How To Safely Clean Your Ears

    Our ears don’t necessarily get dirty. They can clean themselves. But most of us are not too comfortable with ear wax, so we clean it up as often as we can. Doctors will never recommend anything more than just cleaning the wax from outside of our ear canals. There are those of us, though, who […]