November 2017

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  • Beltone Audiology | Headphones

    3 Types Of Headphones To Prevent Hearing Loss

    Taking the morning commute? Wanting to beat a dull moment at school or at work? For many of us, the instant solution is putting on a pair of headphones to listen to our favorite playlist. Life’s a musical, so they say, and good songs add so much color to the usual and mundane. But this […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Ear Infections

    3 Home Treatments To Ease Common Ear Infections

    Headache? Nausea? Fluid coming out of the ear? A tugging feeling there? You might have an ear infection. While these most commonly occur in children, it does happen to many adults. Other symptoms include poor hearing, vomiting, diarrhea, fever with pain, and trouble sleeping. An ear infection may be due to several causes, such as […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Hearing Loss and Dementia

    Can Dementia Affect Hearing Loss?

    According to recent studies, we hear with our brains and not with our ears. However, our ears serve as a terminal for sound waves to pass through and reach our auditory nerves. Then this sound is identified by our brain. But, if you have hearing loss, the cognitive function of your brain drops, which can […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Hearing Loss Surgeries

    Surgical Options For Hearing Loss

    There are different degrees of hearing loss. The treatment that your doctor will give you depends on how mild or severe your hearing loss is and what originally causes it. Oftentimes medical treatment alone is not enough to achieve a full recovery from your hearing disorder. In such cases, going under the knife is the […]