January 2018

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  • Beltone Audiology | Hearing Aid Battery

    When Should I Change My Hearing Aid Battery?

    A common problem with hearing aids and their users is the constant awareness of having to change the batteries inside their instruments. Now you may be wondering why this is still a problematic issue in this day and age of long-lasting mobile energy source. But unfortunately, many things factor into why this has yet to […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Bluetooth Hearing Aid

    Is Bluetooth Capability Necessary For My Hearing Aids?

    We now live in a technology-based generation and being able to access and use gadgets have now become important to everyday living. Hearing aids have been around for centuries, in fact the first time it was officially recorded was in a book in 1588 written by Giovanni Battista Porta who spoke of wooden hearing aids. […]

  • Beltone Audiology | hearing Aid Accessories

    Hearing Aid Accessories To Spruce Up Your Ears

    Hearing aids, for centuries, have proved vital to those who have hearing impairments in improving one’s quality of life. Depending on the model, they don’t necessarily come cheap! Which is enough motivation for you to take good care of them. Keeping your hearing aids clean, aside from being hygienic, prevent them from breaking and helps […]

  • Beltone Audiology | hearing loss and driving

    4 Tips For Safe Driving With Hearing Loss

    You can drive a vehicle safely, even with hearing loss. Yes, as long as you practice the following tips as well as advice from your doctor and state laws. It would also depend on the level of your hearing problems. That said, it’d be wise to check with your state laws regarding the issue before […]

  • What Is Conductive Hearing Loss?

    Our auditory system is a complex network comprised of different essential components, which enable us to hear. With this complexity comes security measures in place to try and keep this structure of parts in good working condition. However, these still do not make our ears totally resistant to damage and deficiency which means that abuse […]