July 2018

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  • Beltone Audiology | hearing aid care

    How To Clean Your Hearing Aids

    Your hearing aids are essential tools for you to listen better. They allow for us to better communicate with others and pick out pieces of information that are being said to us. For those whose careers rely heavily on socializing with others then you cannot afford to have these malfunction. It would then be important […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Hearing Charities

    Hearing Loss Charities And How You Can Help

    Hearing loss is a problem that affects numerous people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, not all of these people can afford the necessary treatments this complication entails. Hearing aids are common devices a professional would prescribe for them, but quality versions of this would cost an upwards of 1,000 dollars. Due to this predicament […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Herbal Remedies

    5 Herbs To Aid Your Hearing

    It’s no secret that a person’s diet can make or break them. Many of the vital nutrients and vitamins can be obtained from the various food we take in. Which is why we should be careful and picky of what we eat and stay away as much as we can from the junk which our […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Music and Memory

    How Are Music And Memory Related?

    Music is an essential part of humanity and seems to have been with us for quite some time now. Ancient instruments that dates back to 43,000 years ago have been found by archaeologists. Back then, given the scarcity of entertainment, music became one of the ways to kill time while enjoying it. Throughout time though […]