September 2018

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  • Beltone Audiology Hearing Aid Insurance

    Why Insurance Doesn’t Always Cover Hearing Aids

    If you’re interested and read a lot about financial security and investing, you most likely have run into the importance of having to purchase an insurance plan. This allows people to afford the expenses that come with certain illnesses while at the same time having a source of passive income. Some of the features would […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Hearing loss & Falling

    How Hearing Loss and Falling Are Related

    It’s no secret that falling can harm your body. Of course, there are many variables that could come into play when determining how much damage a fall could cause to someone. These are the height of which you fall from, how fast you are falling, which part you land on, and the nature of the […]

  • Beltone Audiology Retirement Hearing Health

    How to Prepare For Your Hearing Health Before Retirement

    It’s very exciting when you’re expecting to retire soon. However, as you are approaching this period of your life, it doesn’t mean just planning vacations and hobbies you intend on doing. As you near retirement, you should also start thinking about your well-being. You should see to it that your physiology or body functions are […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Swimmers Ear

    How Swimmer’s Ear Can Cause Temporary Hearing Loss

    Caring for your ears entail discipline. You’ll have to avoid exposing your ears to excessively loud noises, and this may mean a slight change of lifestyle. Frequent partygoers should lessen trips to clubs or bars, and start considering kickbacks in someone’s home where the volume can be managed to reasonable levels. However, roaring sounds aren’t […]