August 2019

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  • Auditory Processing Disorder

    What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

    A medical condition known as auditory processing disorder (APD) can be quite debilitating and precipitate serious learning and life consequences for stricken individuals. Beltone Audiology, a nationally-based hearing care company that provides numerous programs and services to those with hearing impairments, invites you to read the following short blog discussing this audio malady. Auditory Processing […]

  • What is Hyperacusis?

    Hyperacusis is a potentially debilitating hearing ailment that impacts roughly one out of every 50,000 people worldwide. Beltone Audiology, a hearing care company devoted to helping individuals maximize their audio capabilities. Hyperacusis Defined Individuals stricken with this ailment possess a significant insensitivity to various sounds. Many people experience hearing difficulties or discomfort when exposed to […]

  • Is Hearing Loss Hereditary

    Is Hearing Loss Hereditary?

    Hearing loss can be a debilitating and potentially life-altering medical issue. In many instances, the problem is precipitated by the cumulative impacts of loud noises or specific health ailments. However, diminished hearing can be hereditary. Beltone Audiology, a hearing care company offering various programs and services to customers, invites current and prospective clients to read […]

  • What is Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

    As we go about our normal day-to-day lives, many of us will be subjected to loud environmental sounds, some of which can cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), a loss of hearing that occurs when sensitive structures in the inner ear have become damaged. How Does Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Occur? NIHL affects everyone differently in that […]