3 Health Effects Of Hearing Loss

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As people get older, the chances of getting hearing loss increases. It can get frustrating for both their loved ones and the one suffering it. Hearing loss can greatly impact your physical and mental health if not treated properly. Treatment and using specialized items to safeguard your hearing, such as headgear for construction areas, help protect it from further damage.

Here’s how hearing loss can greatly affect your health in 3 ways:

Depression And Social Isolation

Hearing loss brings down one’s mental health, and one of the common effects is social isolation. Adults ages 50 and above with hearing loss risk depression due to lack of energy, interest and sleep. It’s one of the reasons why adults with hearing lose interest in socializing. Interaction plays an important role in the lives of seniors because it helps keep them active.

Unfortunately, hearing problems affect a person’s speech, which discourages them from continued engagement. Some feel embarrassed about their condition and having to ask people to repeat words or statements they can’t hear well. This makes socializing even with close family and friends more emotionally difficult for them and would resort to isolating themselves.

Memory Loss

There’s added mental exertion involved when trying to process sound and finding other ways to understand what others are saying. This reduces brain power that would normally be spent on memory as well as other cognitive abilities. When one’s hearing loss gets worse, your brain has to dedicate more effort into deciphering conversations and retrieving information.

Social isolation also plays a role in memory loss. Interaction helps improve a person’s mental abilities, including retention. Voluntary reclusion from gatherings and one-on-one conversations hastens the deterioration of mental skills.

Dementia And Other Similar Illnesses

Studies show that people with hearing problems are more prone to these. Just as hearing loss reduces a person’s memory, it also causes other mental functions to decline. This results in problems like dementia and complications in speech.

Researchers recommend living a healthy lifestyle, making sure your heart is in good condition, your ears are safe from loud noises and avoid smoking. Hearing aids are also a great preventive measure as they assist the ear in receiving sounds.

Hearing loss can be treated through a variety of surgical methods, depending on the specific problem area. Consult with a trusted hearing professional on which would be the best solution for you and your situation. Prevention from future damage is always the best way to deal with hearing issues.

Preserve the quality of life that good hearing ability affords you. When in doubt about your ears’ health, see a professional immediately. Persons with hearing problems wait around an average of 10 years before getting their ears checked, letting significant decline happen in that time.

While natural hearing loss gradually worsens, others can be completely prevented. If not, it can be delayed. Make sure to trust a licensed and accredited professional only for the best results. Beltone Audiology provides affordable value. For more information on hearing care or to avail of the services of one of their specialists, call (888) 210-5846.