3 Questions To Ask Your Audiologist

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With continuous use of hearing aids, you’ll find yourself with questions you need answered by an expert. But this takes time and numerous consultations with an audiologist could prove costly. The smart thing to do is to make the most out of your initial appointment. While some questions may seem obvious to some, it may not come to mind so easily for other people. We’ve put together a list of three essential questions you should ask to help you make the best choices for your hearing condition.

Do I need an Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor?

Not all cases of hearing loss is linked to a medical condition. If you’re not yet familiar with the cause and other details behind yours, an audiologist can help determine whether you should see an ENT. Also known as otolaryngologists, these specialized doctors focus on disorders regarding the head and neck, mostly of the ears, nose and throat, hence the name. For instance, earwax buildup is considered a medical problem and requires a visit to the ENT.

An audiologist’s job is to know the root behind your hearing loss and preserve it for as long as possible as well as improve it through the use of tools, usually hearing aids. They can’t, however, handle medical problems and provide treatment but might be able to refer you to a good doctor.

What types of hearing aids are available?

Some hearing aids might not be fit for your use. Factors may range from the ears’ physical makeup to the level of hearing loss. As all cases are unique in one way or another, not every design are up on the table for your picking. For example, the shape of your inner ear might not allow for the kinds that need to be lodged deeper into the ear canal.

On the initial visit, the audiologist would examine your ear thoroughly to understand your hearing needs, making it the best time to ask this question.Take note of the specialist’s findings and don’t be too shy to ask for a list of recommendations. Who else would know better when it comes to what’s good out in the hearing market other than a doctor?

What can my hearing aid do?

This may sound strange as the idea of the device is pretty straightforward, but due to technological advancement, this equipment is now designed to do more. Various innovations means there are more options to fit your own lifestyle. When you go to have your ears checked, bring with you a list of your regular activities, hobbies and interests. This will help your audiologist work with you in choosing one that best fits your needs.

There’s a diverse market of hearing aids, differing from cosmetic designs, such as invisible-in-the-canal, to special features such as syncing with your phone to take calls. For the deaf community, hearing aids are now becoming more closely embedded in day-to-day living much like the mobile phone. Knowing the possible functions would help you in purchasing one of best value for your money.

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