3 Temporary Causes of Hearing Loss

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Imagine a situation where you are looking forward to meeting your favorite band, you attend their concert and rock the night out but after the concert you begin to realize that you suddenly cannot hear well. When situations that involved a sudden loss in hearing happen, it is best to consult your local ear doctor immediately. Here are three reasons that can cause a temporary hearing loss in someone.

Exposed To A Loud Environment

For those who are exposed to noise on a daily basis, better be cautious. Working in a very loud workplace can be one of the causes to developing temporary hearing loss. For example, a construction worker who is exposed to loud machinery or a DJ who works regularly in clubs are more likely to have problems with your hearing. When it comes to noisy backgrounds, this can lead to ringing of the ears, the same effect can happen if you listen to loud music with your earphones. In situations like this, it is highly advised to protect your ears at all cost.

To avoid this kind of problem, you can minimize the volume of your music or wear protective ear equipment that can help in reducing the risk of temporary hearing loss. If there are instances where you end up in a place that unexpectedly gets noisy, prepare foam earplugs.

Clogged Ear Canal

Once the eardrum begins to not work properly, it can cause problems in your hearing and this happens when your ear canal gets clogged. When you feel like your ears begin to feel stuffy, this is because of too much earwax inside your canal. When the earwax becomes too accumulated in the ear canal, it gets stuck and is another reason of temporary hearing loss in one ear or both. With earwax stuck in the canal, it prevents the wave lengths to travel from one side to the other.

To avoid this kind of problem, you can visit your local ear doctor who can help flush out the wax from your canal. When this happens, avoid using cotton buds because it can push the wax further inside your ear canal, making your hearing worse.

Infections Behind The Eardrum

When the middle ear section begins to get infected by bacteria, this is what causes temporary hearing loss. What can usually affect middle ear infections is colds because of the pathway from the middle ear to the throat, which can cause the virus to pass through. If not taken care of properly, an infected eardrum can get worse if not taken care of.

To avoid this kind of problem, if you are prescribed with antibiotics for your ear infection, continue on taking it until you get healed. Ask advice from your local ear doctor as to what kind of specific medication can help with your problem.

These are the three reasons that can cause temporary hearing loss, do take note on how to avoid these causes and take the time to take care of your ears at all times. Get trusted professional advice on hearing health from Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.