3 Tips For Talking To Your Loved Ones About Hearing Loss This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is the most festive and the one season in the year when we make it a point to reconnect with family and even old friends. Often these gatherings are when a person’s hearing problems become more apparent. These parties often involve big groups of people, talking, and laughing while music plays in the background. Children and pets take part in the celebration, making their own joyful noise. Someone with a hearing issue would experience difficulty following conversations and making sense between the different sounds. Despite that, recognition of this problem doesn’t come easy.

Carefully Time It

This problem needs to be approached with sensitivity and genuine concern for the well-being of the person involved. While approaching them during the season of cheer might seem like an odd time, it actually provides numerous experiences that force the person to consider that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Also, putting off the discussion would be detrimental to the individual’s health.

Approach The Topic With Understanding

Choose your words carefully. Saying things like “you can barely hear” would come off as insulting and accusatory. The person would focus more on you trying to point out a fault in them rather than your effort to help them. Using phrases like, “I’m worried about how often a person has to repeat before you can hear.” The idea of having a hearing problem isn’t a simple thing to accept as it’s often associated with old age.

Cite Concrete Reasons

Get personal. People already know they should get their hearing checked so they can hear better. Point out exactly what they’re missing. Could it be hearing their child’s first recital and how loud the applause was afterwards? Or when you and your friends are whispering a joke or some embarrassing memory, wouldn’t they be left out? Give a mix of recent experiences and future possibilities. It lets them know their problem is real and they’re already suffering, while painting a picture of two different futures, one with good hearing and one with a poorer ability. Real life examples, both past and foreseen, would ground them.

Offer To Accompany Them To An Appointment

Even book the consultation for them. Deciding to go is a big step to addressing the hearing loss. Just scheduling it might be emotionally difficult so volunteer to do it and accompany them. They need as much support as they can with this. Guarantee this and follow through. This would help them to relax.

Topics of failing or degenerating health are always be difficult to tackle so choose a supportive and welcoming environment with the right amount of privacy before deciding to launch into it. How sensitive it would be to the person would depend on several factors and may not necessarily depend on the age. For more tips like these, contact Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.