4 Places You Are Damaging Your Hearing

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There are many factors that cause hearing loss. Aside from medical conditions and the degeneration of hair cells as we age, our daily activities and the places we frequent also affect our hearing health. Do you know the most common places that can cause hearing loss? You may not notice it, but these four places are really the most dangerous places that affect our hearing health.


Live Music Concerts

The presence of amplifiers itself and sound boosters are evidence enough that they produce extremely loud sounds. Aside from that, the people around you shout and cheer endlessly as your favorite band plays your favorite songs. Isn’t that too loud? Note that 60dB is the maximum sound level that is safe for the ears. A loud rock concert is 120 dB, and it can even exceed that level. Isn’t it threatening enough?


Sporting Events

When you attend sporting events like a football game or another arena event, you’ll be joining hundreds and often thousands of people. It will be the noisiest crowd. There will be endless cheering and loud background music playing. If it happens that your seatmates scream simultaneously and you have no hearing protection, the hair inside your ears will be damaged due to the loud sound. It will have received a shock. Sporting events usually reach 131.9 dB!


Bars and Nightclubs

Adults usually frequent nightclubs or bars to have fun and hang out with friends. The loud disco music will get them dancing on the floor and to some, it is one way of forgetting their problems or a means to celebrate their happiness. However, there is a consequence that is mostly forgotten. Bars and nightclubs are one of the most dangerous places that can cause hearing damage. The sound of the dance floor in the nightclub can reach up to 104 dB!



Cinemas are not always as loud. That depends on the movies being played. If by any chance you came to watch Deepwater Horizon or the new Star Wars movie, you may have had to encounter a sound that exceeds more than 104 dB. If that particular sound hit your ears more than twice, you are at risk of damaging your hearing.


You have to be extra careful when visiting these places. If you cannot avoid attending your favorite event or activity that involves loud sounds, the best thing you can do is buy protection for your ears. Hearing protection is readily available in the market, and you can purchase them according to your style and preference. Protecting your ears from harmful noises can help prolong your hearing health.

Always remember that your lifestyle and activities impact your hearing health. If you seek further advice on hearing health, don’t hesitate to call Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846 to speak with one of our hearing health professionals!