4 Reasons To Buy New Hearing Aids

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How do you know when is the best time to purchase a new pair of hearing aids? What are the factors that you must consider? And why should you replace your hearing aids? Here are some of the reasons that might help you identify if the time for you to buy new hearing aids has come.

Your Hearing Aids Reaches Its Lifespan

Most hearing aids have a lifespan of about 5 to 7 years. When they exceed beyond their lifespan, there’s a possibility that they may not function efficiently anymore. In fact, some manufacturers also stop making parts for the older models of hearing aids that they have produced. If you try to have your hearing aids repaired after a certain number of years, the manufacturers will just replace the damaged parts with used parts.

As technology advances in other devices, hearing aid technology also advances to cope up with the changes. As newer models are introduced into the market, the older ones are likely not needed. This alone indicates that sooner or later, it’ll be difficult for you to have damaged old hearing aids repaired.

There’s a Change in Your Medical Condition

As people age, their health also changes. It is possible that an individual’s health will decline in the coming years. If such happens, the individual who wears hearing aids should purchase hearing aids that can help them deal with their current medical condition.

There are different types of hearing aids to choose from which can adjust with your recent health problems. There are hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, a custom one-piece hearing aid that is less likely to fall, and smart hearing aids that automatically detect and adjust the sound of your environment. Consult your audiologist for more options to choose from and what type of hearing aids are best suited for your recent health or dexterity situation.

Your Hobbies or Lifestyle Changes

If you have a new hobby or interests that require active physical movements, like snorkeling, horseback riding or doing a marathon, you need hearing aids that will work while you perform those activities. It’s nice to have hearing aids that you’ll enjoy wearing while you enjoy doing all those activities that you love. Thankfully, today’s hearing aids can range at different levels and prices and some are even waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

Your Hearing Aids Undergo Frequent or Large Repairs

Do your hearing aids break down frequently? Do you need to have it repaired every so often? Then you need to purchase a new pair of hearing aids already. Having it repaired more often will cost you more than buying new ones. The advantage of new hearing aids is that they come with insurance benefits and typically need renewing every two to five years.

No matter how much you love your old hearing aids, if you encounter problems with its efficiency, it is a sign that you should say goodbye to your old friend. However, before you decide on buying new hearing aids, evaluate your reasons for buying, the purpose of your new hearing aids, and most of all, how comfortable you are with the model that you have chosen.

It’s always wise to consult your audiologist before you come up with the type of hearing aid to buy. After the evaluation with your hearing and other factors such as health, dexterity, and lifestyle, your audiologist will provide you with the hearing aid options that meet  your needs and current condition. For more smart tips on buying new hearing aids, visit us now at Beltone Audiology or you may call us at (888) 210-5846 to schedule a free hearing test. Yes, it’s definitely free!