4 Things Untreated Hearing Loss Impacts

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Hearing Loss is not uncommon but it doesn’t always mean complete loss of the ability. It also comes in varying degrees of a decline in this one sense of the body. Contradictory to the common belief, this affects people of all ages which is due to many factors such as excessive noise exposure, or side effects of certain medications.

Have your ear’s health checked regularly. As hearing loss usually happens gradually, it could possibly go unnoticed for a while. If you’re experiencing it, have it looked into immediately, no matter how minor you think it might be. Go to a specialist right away to get advice on what you should do and procedures that you must undergo. Also gain other information so that you better understand your ear’s condition.


When devices are designed to warn those of danger, such as a fire, they look to utilize our hearing as this is the most easily accessible sense at a huge proximity, and it’s also quite cheap to integrate. An impairment in hearing however will increase the risk of you being in harm during a calamity, especially when you’re isolated from others who would have otherwise alerted you.

Being able to notice the sirens or a car horn would allow you to take the appropriate steps to ensuring your safety.

Mental Ability

Your mind is in need of your ability to hear more than you are aware of it. Research shows that cognitive abilities are affected negatively when the capability to perceive sound is lesser than what should be. Adults with a hearing problem are also more likely to acquire dementia.

It’s thought that one of the reasons is because the mind becomes more focused on actually interpreting a sound that it declines in its performance on other tasks.


We as humans love to be entertained and we seek it throughout life, whether it’s in our hobbies or even in our jobs. A hearing loss affects our capacity to be amused, as many things that are relative to this utilize sound.

Movies, television shows are things that majority of us enjoy. When faced with this disability, we then look to captions which do not suffice in terms of totally depicting what is being portrayed through sound. The slam of a door, a person’s laugh are just totally different when it’s heard rather than when it’s seen.

Social Life

Talking and listening are major components when people are communicating. Our voices, usually, is the medium to which we convey information. Take this away and it’s hard to interact with others. This takes a toll in work also as you may then have a hard time absorbing and gaining the essential details, including conveying them.

This could then lead to voluntary separation from others and depression. People naturally crave some level of interaction. We need to be with others every now and then, no matter the type of personalities we have. Isolation can be dangerous for mental, psychological and emotional health.

Protect your hearing while you still have it. Seek a professional for proper assessment and the right advice. Talk to one from Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.