5 Herbs To Aid Your Hearing

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It’s no secret that a person’s diet can make or break them. Many of the vital nutrients and vitamins can be obtained from the various food we take in. Which is why we should be careful and picky of what we eat and stay away as much as we can from the junk which our body does not need, no matter how delicious they may be.

Your hearing health is no different as it too can benefit from certain types of herbs. If possible, grow them in your garden so that they may be merely steps away whenever you need them. No need to rush to the supermarket as often.

Hawthorn Berries

One of the possible causes of hearing loss is poor blood circulation which could affect and damage your inner ear. Hawthorn berries are equipped with antioxidants and bioflavonoids which aid in circulation. They are also capable of dealing with both high and low blood pressures.

Aside from being healthy, these are also quite beautiful and will make your garden a lot more attractive.


Though technically garlic is not a herb and belongs on a class of its own, we had to include this because of the various positive effects it could offer. It has abilities of fighting off bacteria, which could help prevent ear infections.

It also has indirect contributions to hearing health as it manages blood sugar and cholesterol. In relation to blood sugar, diabetes has been shown to be associated with the deterioration of a person’s capacity to perceive sound. Huge amounts of cholesterol, on the other hand, could cause heart diseases. This in turn alters blood flow, which has been established earlier to be an important part of the auditory system’s health.


A certain substance in our inner ears that help with discerning sound, requires potassium. As we grow older the potassium supply of our body gradually decreases. Turmeric, a herb that is prominent in the indian culture, is rich in this mineral. It would be ideal to take a appropriate quantities of this everyday.


When you hear this what often comes to mind are toothbrushes and household cleaning chemicals. This doesn’t just taste delicious and smell good, it’s also attributed to provide our bodies with folic acid. Low volumes of this vitamins has been linked to hearing impairments.


This has Vitamins A and C to supplement the immune system. Making your body more capable of battling it out against bacteria and averting infections from happening.

Zinc is also present in dill. It is a mineral that is abundant in the inner ear in contrast to other organs. Low levels of this will have detrimental results to your hearing.

Growing these herbs in your garden may take some work, but it beats having to travel to make these purchases especially if it’s a far journey to make. This is also a means of being resourceful and making good use of your garden. Ornamental plants are nice, but having ones which you can consume and gain from would be a lot better. For more tips on maintaining good hearing health, consult an audiologist at a trusted clinic like Beltone Audiology. Call us at (888) 210-5846.