Can Allergies Cause Hearing Loss?

  1. Allergies Cause Hearing Loss

There is a probability that you will suffer from some kind of hearing loss this season. Some people develop allergies as a result of changes in the weather and environmental conditions. These people develop some kind of swelling, itching, ringing, and buzzing of the ears. The good thing about hearing complications caused by allergies is that they are temporary. Below are some ways in which allergies lead to hearing impairment:

Blocking Sounds

When you develop an allergy, the condition can stop sound waves from reaching your inner ear. This is also known as a conductive hearing complication. It usually happens because of the swelling of the outer ear.

The best way to deal with this condition is to put a warm piece of cloth on the affected area. It should bring down the swelling and improve your hearing. However, if that doesn’t happen, see a doctor immediately so that they can give you proper hearing care.

Ear Fluid Build up

This condition is also caused by swelling. However, it is the middle ear affected by the bulge in this scenario. Usually, the Eustachian tube opens to drain any fluid or secretions that may be trapped in the middle ear. A blockage in the middle ear leads to a malfunction in the Eustachian tube – it doesn’t open when it’s supposed to. This means that there will be undeterred fluid buildup in the middle ear. This makes the ears feel full and blocks some of the sound waves.

You can use a warm cloth to ease the swelling. In addition, you can yawn or chew gum to open the blocked Eustachian tube and drain the fluid.

By Causing Ringing in the Inner Ear

Even though it’s not common for allergies to affect the inner ear, it can happen. This is perhaps one of the more serious forms of hearing loss since you can’t really cool it down with a warm towel. Apart from constant ringing, allergies can make you to feel dizzy. It is also believed that Meniere’s disease is caused by allergic infections in the inner ear.

The best hearing care that you can get for this kind of hearing impairment is from a doctor.


It is very possible to get hearing problems from allergies. Try the above remedies to stop any swelling of the outer or middle ear. In addition, make sure that you maintain good ear hygiene to prevent bacteria from attacking your ears when you have an allergy.

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