Digital Hearing Aids

A Breakthrough Innovation in Hearing Aids

Every day, we face different challenges in life. Because of that, we need hearing aids that can help us comfortably engage in all the situations life brings us. Beltone Trust™ hearing aids offer an unmatched convenience and adaptability to help you enjoy life’s important moments in a nearly invisible package. Why Beltone Trust™?

It’s More Than a Hearing Aid

Beltone Trust™ promises to give you the best hearing experience with two groundbreaking innovations that restore binaural hearing. These features mimic your ears’ natural way of communicating and interpreting sounds with your brain.

  • Personal Sound ID
    Allows you to hear the origin of sounds and restore the natural sound level differences between your ears.

  • Crosslink Directionality 2
    Monitors your sound environment and automatically adjusts to the closest natural speech settings. Its ability to detect your sound environment will help you recognize voices clearly and improve your ability to understand speech.

Impressive Sound, Everywhere

Since Beltone Trust™ has the ability to adapt to your surroundings, it will provide you great hearing quality under any circumstances.

  • Smart Gain Pro
    Automatically adjusts the volume of your hearing aids to give you the best sound quality whichever environment you’re in.

  • Feedback Eraser
    Say goodbye to annoying whistling or feedback sounds with Beltone Trust. Feedback Easer suppresses it all.

  • Ear-to-Ear Synchronization
    Enjoy natural sound transitions whenever you move from one environment to the other with this feature, which effortlessly adjusts volume and program settings

Enjoy Hearing, Longer

Are you worried that your hearing aids may run out of battery life too soon? Beltone Trust™ hearing aids operate longer and offer you the convenience of rechargeable ZPower batteries that last an entire day on a single charge! Charging only takes two to four hours at night while you sleep, so you don’t miss a thing. A set of ZPower batteries typically last about one year.

Control is in Your Hands

Adjust your hearing aid settings instantly yet discreetly right from your smartphone. Beltone Trust™ hearing aids guarantee you that convenience and so much more.

  • Beltone HearMax App
    Control your hearing aids using your smartphone or any mobile devices. By downloading the app from your phone’s app store, you have direct and full access to take control over volume adjustments, listening programs, and so much more!

  • Direct Audio Streaming
    If you’re an iPhone user, the Direct Audio Streaming feature allows you to transmit phone calls wirelessly, listen to GPS voice directions, or stream your favorite music without any sort of adapter around your neck!

Tune Anytime and Anywhere

Beltone Remote Care ™ is an exclusive Beltone breakthrough technology that allows your hearing professionals to update device settings to your preferences, wherever you may live, work or travel–without an office visit! Request the Beltone HearMax app from your hearing professional so they can send the new settings and download it directly from your mobile device.

Virtually Invisible

Whatever models you choose, whether it is Receiver-in-the-ear or Behind-the-ear models, Beltone Trust™ hearing aids offer you comfort in the style of your choice.

They also come in a variety of colors. The virtually invisible receivers are built to last with HPF NanoBlock coating that repels dirt and moisture. It also has Wind Noise Reduction to make hearing enjoyable even under such weather condition.

Imagine how convenient and easy life can be with this amazing breakthrough in hearing aid technology! Is Beltone Trust™ the hearing aid you’ve been looking for? Call us today at (888) 210-5846 or use our online form to schedule a free hearing consultation and take the step towards a better quality of life.