The GalaPro and Broadway Shows

  1. GalaPro

If you struggle with hearing loss but still want to see live theatre, the GalaPro app can help. Built by a company called GalaPrompter, GalaPro can help you enjoy your favorite Broadway show or musical. What is GalaPro, how does it work, and is it something that will help you with your hearing loss issues when you go to a live Broadway performance? Check out the answers below.

What GalaPro Does

GalaPro is an app that provides captions or subtitles to a Broadway show on a black screen. The black screen is actually a very vital part of the app, and is meant to prevent the amount of disruption to those sitting around the app user. The app allows you to know what the actors are saying and singing in real time. One of the most amazing part of this technology is that if the actors stop speaking, or skip their line, the app will follow along and do the same thanks to the voice-recognition software.

How It’s Helpful

It used to be that the only way that people suffering from hearing loss could enjoy a Broadway show was to sit near one of the few caption monitors available in the theater. These caption monitors were not always placed in the best seats at the house, and it is often difficult for a hearing impaired person to focus on the captain monitor as well as on the show itself.

This new app, however, changes that because not only is the hearing impaired person able to sit wherever they want, but the captions can also be translated into other languages as well. This greatly broadens the amount of people that are going to be able to enjoy Broadway.

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