Hearing Aids 101

  1. hearing aids 101

Today’s hearing aids are vastly different than past hearing aid devices and provide an effective and discreet solution to patients. At Beltone Audiology, we know that fit is an important factor in helping our patients hear well again. If you’re looking for a new hearing aid, here are some tips below to help you decide.

Discreet Yet Powerful Packages

Recent advances in hearing science have produced smaller devices that are almost unnoticeable. Unlike older hearing aids, today’s devices include ultra-sensitive filters that allow the user to tune out undesirable background noise than often interferes with good hearing. Combined with improved volume control and other technologies, today’s aids can be customized by the wearer to hear only the sounds that are important and at a volume that is comfortable.

Just a few years ago, you may have noticed people with hearing aids that protruded from the ear or contained large, bulky behind the ear supports that called immediate attention to the device itself. You may have witnessed friends or relatives struggling to properly place an aid in the ear, adjust the position of a device, or continuously reset the device’s volume. Today’s hearing aids may be worn almost unnoticeably and are easy to place within the ear.

Dealing With Hearing Loss

Talking about your hearing loss and proper hearing care no longer means embarrassment. Hearing loss can be addressed professionally through private consultations with friendly, well-trained experts at facilities located throughout the country.

If you are unable or prefer not to visit a physical office, you can call the officers of Beltone Audiology and speak with one of our qualified audiologists. Regardless of which consultation method you choose, you should know that proper consultation and guidance is essential to a positive hearing aid experience.

Our representatives will discuss your expectations, test your current hearing using the most advanced equipment and techniques, and discuss the product options that will best meet your personal needs and budget.

Once you have selected a product, you will be guided through a simple, step-by-step process during which we will teach you how to insert, wear, and adjust your aid. We will also show you how easy it is to check your aid’s power supply and charge your device as needed. Our team is also happy to answer any of your questions.

So, what are waiting for? Experience good hearing today when you contact Beltone Audiology now.