Living with Hearing Loss

  • Allergies Cause Hearing Loss

    Can Allergies Cause Hearing Loss?

    There is a probability that you will suffer from some kind of hearing loss this season. Some people develop allergies as a result of changes in the weather and environmental conditions. These people develop some kind of swelling, itching, ringing, and buzzing of the ears. The good thing about hearing complications caused by allergies is […]

  • How to Know if You Have Tinnitus

    How to Know if You Have Tinnitus

    Ringing in the ears, static noise, pulsing, the constant sounds of tinnitus is so irritating that some people suffer real debility. Most who have tinnitus suffer for years or decades without finding help is quieting the unrelenting noise in their heads. Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physicians and audiologists specialize in hearing care for tinnitus […]

  • Traveling with Hearing Aids

    Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Hearing Aids

    Summer tends to inspire people to travel for recreation and leisure. Whether you’re headed to spend some time with family or going on a cruise, there are a few things to consider if you are traveling with hearing aids. Must-Haves Your hearing aids aren’t the only thing you need to remember on your travels. Accessories […]

  • Affordable Hearing Aids

    Are Hearing Aids Affordable?

    Hearing Aids and the Price As you age, hearing becomes a topic of importance. The ability to hear sound diminishes naturally for some people as they age. For others, exposure to loud noises throughout their life catches up to them when they get older. No matter the reason for hearing loss, hearing care is a […]

  • Hearing Aids Applications

    Hearing Aids Applications

    Hearing loss can be a scary experience for anyone. Luckily, there are many advancements in technology that can allow you to implement hearing aids with ease so you can combat your hearing loss. Beltone Audiology offers a wide variety of applications that you can access right from your smartphone including HearMax, HearPlus, SmartRemote, and Tinnitus […]

  • Can Hearing Loss Be Reversed

    Can Hearing Loss Be Reversed?

    The impact of the loss of hearing on a day to day life depends on the person. For those who lose their hearing later in life, it can be frustrating. You might experience mental health changes, including depression and anxiety. However, recovering your hearing might improve your quality of life. Here’s what you need to […]