Living with Hearing Loss

  • Hearing Aid Repair

    Common Hearing Aid Issues and Their Simple Fixes

    Every piece of hardware has its own issues and a hearing aid is no different. They may be small, but they are also complex pieces of technology. Some wearers may experience a few technical difficulties with theirs. Some may become wet, others may start to make strange noises or they’ll just stop working entirely. Continue […]

  • Age Related Hearing Loss

    What is Age Related Hearing Loss?

    Aging will slowly change the way your body functions, and you will almost certainly develop health issues that you never had when you were younger like hearing loss. One of the more common age related issues that you might face is the loss of your hearing. Age related hearing loss is said to affect almost […]

  • Memory Loss

    Experiencing Hearing or Memory Loss?

    Memory loss is a part of the aging process, but you may have difficulties remembering things for a different reason. You may mistake hearing loss for cognitive decline, and the difference between the two conditions is significant. If you can’t hear people very well, you should consider hearing aids. Many people notice an improvement in […]

  • Beltone Trust

    How To Find The Right Hearing Aids For You

    When you think of hearing aids, you may think of large, bulky devices that include a variety of unsightly tubes and wires. Today’s devices are just as powerful – and they come in a sleeker, more discreet package. Additionally, there are many types of hearing aids that you can choose from. We’ve included just a […]

  • Cognitive Decline

    How Hearing Impacts Your Cognitive Function

    Hearing is one of the five senses and one that we gradually lose over time, which can greatly impact our cognitive function. Because of the reduction on cognitive function, individuals with hearing loss often experience other issues such as Dementia, heart disease, poor balance, and more. Studies have found that one thing can help slow […]

  • Hearing Aid Batteries

    Common Hearing Aid Issues and Their Solutions

    Hearing aids are a common treatment for people who suffer from hearing loss but like any other hardware, they are susceptible to technical problems. Many people are not aware of how to fix some of those issues, so they end up discontinuing use of the hearing aids. Here are some common hearing aid issues and […]