• What Is Hidden Hearing Loss?

    It’s safe to say that we are all aware of hearing loss. What many are not aware of is that this comes in many forms. These forms vary depending on a person’s ability to hear frequencies, or the manner in which the auditory system is affected thus causing the said condition. A rather difficult case […]

  • Why Do My Ears Feel Plugged?

    When your ears suddenly feel plugged you may not need to be alarmed, as it usually is nothing serious. It is advisable to not totally ignore it though. A plugged feeling is a possible symptom of various conditions that could be occurring inside your ear. These cases are temporary in most cases but be attentive […]

  • Can You Restore Lost Hearing?

    When hearing is a gradual, natural loss, complete repair isn’t possible contrary to popular belief. Even though restoring one’s healing loss will not happen, people can slowly improve the condition with proper treatment, medication or even hearing aids. The usual cause of hearing loss is entering old age. It gets difficult for adults who end […]

  • How Does Hearing Loss Impact Relationships?

    Hearing loss is a condition that many know of, but few understand the true effects that come with it. It is common knowledge that with this comes a lessened ability to perceive sound. What few take into account is the capacity of this disability to affect relationships between people. With the presence of devices for […]

  • What Is Low Frequency Hearing Loss?

    Hearing loss is one of the many conditions that is left misunderstood by many. This is why it’s a must that more people be educated on it so that diagnosis and treatment will be much faster, and more people would be compassionate towards the hearing-impaired. There are various kinds of this condition but one of […]

  • How Do Males And Females Listen Differently?

    There may be instances where women complain that their partners don’t listen to what they’re saying. This is because research shows that both genders adapt differently when it comes to listening. Understanding how your partner listens can help improve the relationship and place you both on the same page.These insights will fully help a male […]