• How The Cold Weather Affects Hearing

    During the winter months, the fashion starts to change in correspondence to the frigid weather. Clothes for this particular season are now designed to provide warmth to the body in order to stave off possible illnesses that come with these temperatures. But many are unaware of the effects of cold to the ears, and the […]

  • 4 Myths About Hearing Loss That Are Not True

    Hearing loss is a problem that affect many. About 48 million Americans are suffering from this complication, although the severity varies from person to person. This number is expected to rise. Due to this fact, proper education on this affliction must be emphasized so that people become better equipped to avoid a hearing impairment. Others […]

  • 3 Facts About Hearing Protection

    To those who are born with an overall healthy body, hearing has become an essential part to living your life. This is a sense that many of us take for granted, yet it allows us to enjoy most of the things that we have become accustomed to. Which is why protecting your ability to perceive […]

  • 3 Health Effects Of Hearing Loss

    As people get older, the chances of getting hearing loss increases. It can get frustrating for both their loved ones and the one suffering it. Hearing loss can greatly impact your physical and mental health if not treated properly. Treatment and using specialized items to safeguard your hearing, such as headgear for construction areas, help […]

  • Why You Should Get Your Hearing Tested (Even If You Already Have Hearing Aids)

    When we think of taking care of health, we often think of regular exercise, choosing to eat nutritious food, as well as making sure we have time to wind down and rest. While they’re great habits, these aren’t the only things we can do to improve our wellbeing. Usually, hearing loss is gradual and goes […]

  • When Should I Change My Hearing Aid Battery?

    A common problem with hearing aids and their users is the constant awareness of having to change the batteries inside their instruments. Now you may be wondering why this is still a problematic issue in this day and age of long-lasting mobile energy source. But unfortunately, many things factor into why this has yet to […]