• 3 Methods Of Communicating With The Hearing Impaired

    Probably, the first idea that comes to your mind when communicating with a hearing-impaired person is lipreading and sign language. In fact, there are other methods to connect with them. The deaf changes modes of communication depending on the type of person involved in their conversations. Both parties should understand the different communication methods used […]

  • Do Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss

    Do hearing aids cause hearing loss? Absolutely not. Hearing aids allow us to hear clearer and better. They do not cause hearing loss. In fact, hearing aids sharpen our hearing abilities and delay the development of hearing loss over time. Ever wonder why this question often crosses people’s minds?   Your Brain is Adjusting People […]

  • 3 Causes Of Sudden Hearing Loss

    Damaged ear nerve pathways, cochlea, and other inner ear organs are usually the common causes of SSHL. The severity of hearing loss varies with each individual. A person could experience either a unilateral hearing loss (occurring only in one ear) or bilateral hearing loss (both ears). So, how exactly are these parts of our ears […]

  • 5 Ways to Decrease Your Dementia Risks

    Dementia is a vast field of symptoms related to memory deterioration that affects an individual’s ability to perform simple daily activities when it becomes severe. However, one can prevent it from happening or decrease the risks of acquiring it by following these 5 simple ways: Maintain Healthy Hearing Our hearing is responsible for a lot […]

  • 3 Issues Caused By Swimmer’s Ear

    Swimmer’s ear or otitis externa is an irritation, infection, and inflammation of the ear which happens when moisture is trapped inside the ear canal. The moisture trapped in the ear canal can increase bacteria growth which will cause ear infections. There are lots of complications caused by swimmer’s ear if no medical attention is sought. […]

  • The Latest Technological Advances For Hearing Aids

    At the turn of the millennium, a lot of technological advances were already taking place. Hearing aid technology advancement is not an exemption. This year, however, a lot of innovative breakthrough in hearing aid technology will be introduced to the consumers. Find out what they are below. New Groundbreaking Applications For a fully optimized hearing […]