Is Bluetooth Capability Necessary For My Hearing Aids?

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We now live in a technology-based generation and being able to access and use gadgets have now become important to everyday living. Hearing aids have been around for centuries, in fact the first time it was officially recorded was in a book in 1588 written by Giovanni Battista Porta who spoke of wooden hearing aids. Now with the presence of tablets, smartphones, music players and other devices, hearing aids have gained the ability of bluetooth connection. But with this era of connectivity, is bluetooth a necessary feature for hearing aids? That depends.

First things first, what’s bluetooth? And how is it useful in earphones?

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a product of a collaboration of top companies. It allows devices to exchange data and information in short distances by utilizing high frequency radio waves. This is a standard component of many devices nowadays, from phones to portable speakers.

Hearing Aids With Bluetooth Capability

Actually the wireless hearing aids themselves don’t have bluetooth capability since their small batteries are not enough to support its demanding need of power. Instead, those who wish to capitalize on this are provided with assistive listening devices, or “streamers.” This provides the bluetooth capability of your wireless hearing aid and also doubles as a remote.

Apple, though, has partnered up with manufacturers to rid this need of streamers so the hearing aid can connect directly to your hearing aid without draining your battery as much as bluetooth would. Look for hearing aids with a label that says “Made for Iphone.”

Bluetooth Capability in hearing aids has many benefits and uses, such as:

  • You can now have the audio of any bluetooth-equipped device, directly play into your hearing aids.
  • The ability to choose to have the audio played in just one or both hearing aid devices.
  • Some streamers can adjust the volume of the audio. You need not adjust the volume via the third party device (phones/tablets, etc.).
  • Your hearing aids now double as headphones. Gone are the days when you had to switch between the two when you fancied listening to music on your phone.
  • The ability to pair multiple devices with your streamer, so switching from device to device will be a breeze, whether your listening to music on your tablet and you wish to take a call on your smartphone.
  • No need anymore to try and place your phone’s receiver next to your hearing aid microphone when taking a call.

Now that you’re equipped with the needed information, you must start evaluating your needs and wants. Do you only use hearing aids on particular situations? Or are you not fond of using gadgets?

Consider these factors first prior to making a decision, though Bluetooth-capable hearing aids may eliminate the hassle when operating electronic devices, you must keep in mind that they don’t come cheap. For more information on the latest hearing aid features, contact Beltone Audiology at (888) 210 5846.