Can Hearing Aids Reduce Tinnitus?

  1. Tinnitus and Hearing Aids

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is often a debilitating condition that regularly gets written off as a normal to mild condition. However, while tinnitus is temporary for many people, it becomes difficult to function when it becomes a normal state of existence. At this point, many people don’t realize that hearing aids can actually help with tinnitus and slowing the progress of hearing loss.

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Between 85-90% of people with tinnitus are also experiencing some level of hearing loss. Even if someone doesn’t know this yet, the two symptoms are almost always complimentary of each other. Therefore, hearing aids are already imperative to overall hearing care before factoring in the tinnitus. Additionally, hearing aids are often able to mask a percentage of the noisiness experienced with tinnitus. Being able to hear nearby sounds can be significantly more comforting hearing the repetitive buzzing of tinnitus. The increased hearing function may also reduce the volume or frequency that tinnitus is experienced.

Specialty Hearing Aids

There are some hearing aids that can be programmed specifically to help with reducing the sounds associated with tinnitus. This feature is not available in all hearing aids at this time so it is important to mention it in advance if this is a necessity. It may increase the chance of hearing aids being the appropriate solution. The audiologist must be informed before the hearing aids are ordered to be able to ensure this feature. These may even be beneficial to those with tinnitus who have their full hearing function.

Effects on the Brain

Hearing aids and loss of hearing both have the ability to affect how the brain processes sound. That’s why many audiologists recommend hearing aids to help combat tinnitus. The changes in sound processing sometimes have the ability to reduce the volume or frequency that tinnitus is experienced. This is true of regular everyday hearing aids as well as the ones specifically programmed for tinnitus that are mentioned above.

There are multiple ways that hearing aids can be beneficial to personal hearing care and the reduction of tinnitus alike. Over 60% of people have found some level of relief from tinnitus by using proper hearing aids. More than one in five individuals report hearing aids to bring highly significant relief to their ongoing tinnitus.

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