Can I Share My Earbuds

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Nowadays, listening devices such as earphones are available at our disposal. It enables us to listen to things privately or to hear things a lot better in a noisy place without having to compete with other sounds in the area.

In 2017 a research was conducted in the US, and it was found that 87% of their respondents had headphones. This paints us a picture of how much people patronize this product. However, if we’ve left ours at home, or haven’t got one, would it be ideal to borrow from other people?

How Do Earphones Affect Our Ears?

These might be useful to us, but unfortunately, they can have adverse effects. These come in contact with different surfaces which aren’t always clean. It may pick up harmful elements during these moments and become carriers. Once you put them on, these microorganisms are transferred to your ears.

Even if you are careful enough to make sure your earbuds are not contaminated, these increase the number of bacteria inside your ears by 11 times due to the increase of moisture brought by a lack of airflow. Wearing them for an hour further amplifies their reproduction by 700 folds.

The kind of microorganisms and the volume that each has, differ from one another. Having another person’s would put you at risk of contracting pathogens from the owner of the listening device.


The chances of this being serious are minimal, so there’s not much to worry about. However little the risk though, it is still very real therefore we advise you to stay on the safe side.

The best way to avoid having microbes from another person make a new home of your auditory system is always to have a pair of your own. If you’re financially capable, you can purchase multiple earphones and place one in your car and maybe even another in your bag that you often bring with you.

If you have no choice but to utilize someone else’s, then make sure to take precautionary measures. Wipe these clean with alcohol or any antibacterial fluid, especially if there is visible earwax on them. See to it that you won’t find any substance or debris left. If you have the option to, go for “out of the ear headphones.”

Cerumen Is Your Friend

Cerumen or earwax is your ally in the fight against bacteria. These have antibiotic properties so be grateful. Be at peace knowing you have a line of defense from anything you think might be harmful to your auditory system.

The adage “You can never be too careful,” is true regarding your overall well-being. Always think things through and don’t do anything rash. What you’re hearing is mainly something you should safeguard because of its potential repercussions.

How Beltone Audiology Helps Your Hearing Health

Partial or total deafness could have consequences on your cognitive functions which may result in dementia. Your emotional stability would also be at risk as you become susceptible to depression. For more tips on how to care for your ears, we’d be glad to talk with you. Contact us, Beltone Audiology, at (888) 210-5846.