Can You Restore Lost Hearing?

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When hearing is a gradual, natural loss, complete repair isn’t possible contrary to popular belief. Even though restoring one’s healing loss will not happen, people can slowly improve the condition with proper treatment, medication or even hearing aids.

The usual cause of hearing loss is entering old age. It gets difficult for adults who end up with this condition because it slows down certain factors in their life such as social activities or work productivity.

Complete restoration of hearing isn’t possible with current medical technology but here are ways that it can be enhanced:

Clearing Out Wax Blockage

When wax starts to build up inside your ears, this starts to cause difficulty in hearing. One of the common methods to get rid of ear wax is by using ear buds. However, with the use of that material, it pushes the ear wax further inside your ear drums, which makes it even more difficult for hearing. Ear picks can be an alternate method for ear cleaning, or you can visit the nearest local ear doctor to help flush out the ear wax with oil or water that helps soften the wax.

Hearing Aids

Because of this technological device, hearing loss can, in a way, recover to some degree. When experiencing hearing loss, it gets hard to hear others, which makes conversing more difficult. The computer chips in hearing aids help pick up sound and reduce background noise when needed. If the hearing problem has worsened, it’s best to have the doctor prescribe hearing aids. The benefits of wearing hearing aids include better social skills, physical and mental health, concentration and relationship with loved ones.

Cochlear Implants

There are cases when hearing loss was a result of damage within the ears. For situations like these, cochlear implants are of big help. Compared to a hearing aid, a cochlear implant helps in improving one’s part of the ear that is damaged or not functioning. Just like hearing aids, have an audiologist recommend the use of cochlear implants if need be.

With these treatments, a person with hearing impairment will see more lifestyle possibilities as they can take part in more activities. The biggest challenge when dealing with the lessening of your hearing ability is maintaining self-confidence wanting to isolate yourself.

Thankfully there are now solutions that vastly augment hearing when your ear fails.

In order to help in the improvement of hearing loss, here are some methods that can be followed:

  • If you don’t have issues with hearing but are having a conversation with someone suffering with hearing loss, make it easier for them to follow the conversation by facing directly at them.
  • Remember to speak clearly and slowly. Talking fast will sound like muffled speeches.
  • Be in a quiet place, especially when discussing about something important. Background noise will be too distracting. Shy away from social places when needed. At a social event or a popular area in your district, move to a quiet corner nearby.

A professional should always be involved when choosing hearing aids. Get fitted for the right one at Beltone Audiology. Set an appointment at (888) 210-5846 and be well-informed of your options.