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  • Hearing Aids Applications

    Hearing Aids Applications

    Hearing loss can be a scary experience for anyone. Luckily, there are many advancements in technology that can allow you to implement hearing aids with ease so you can combat your hearing loss. Beltone Audiology offers a wide variety of applications that you can access right from your smartphone including HearMax, HearPlus, SmartRemote, and Tinnitus […]

  • Free Hearing Test

    Where Can I Get My Hearing Test Done?

    We Offer Free Hearing Tests Many people hold different thoughts as to what the best ways to protect your hearing are. However, most don’t realize that an important part of hearing care is having regular hearing tests administered. Having your hearing tested is a quick and simple process that is beneficial for preventative health care. […]

  • Memory Loss

    Experiencing Hearing or Memory Loss?

    Memory loss is a part of the aging process, but you may have difficulties remembering things for a different reason. You may mistake hearing loss for cognitive decline, and the difference between the two conditions is significant. If you can’t hear people very well, you should consider hearing aids. Many people notice an improvement in […]

  • Traveling and Hearing Loss

    Traveling & Hearing Loss

    Have you ever noticed when you are traveling, there are times when you have a hard time hearing? Perhaps you’re in the middle of a conversation and can’t quite make out what the person is saying. The causes of hearing loss can stem from a number of reasons. One such cause could be from traveling. […]

  • earplugs

    How Earplugs can Save Your Hearing

    Noise is the culprit of hearing loss for most people, but investing in earplugs can make a difference. Usually, hearing loss occurs after prolonged damage has occurred. One of the leading causes of damage is an exposure to loud noises such as jet engines, music, shot guns, and heavy machinery. If you have a career […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Does Your Hearing Aid Work for You?

    Does Your Hearing Aid Work for You?

    Many people hesitate to get a hearing aid because they are worried that it won’t work for them. However, the question of whether or not a hearing aid will work comes down to fit and level of hearing loss. We’ve compiled a list of common questions we receive from patients about whether hearing aids will […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Yearly Health Checks

    Yearly Health Checks

    As we age, our likelihood of suffering from some level of hearing loss increases. At Beltone Audiology, we recommend that our patients get their hearing tested annually. Not only does this help determine their level of hearing loss, but it also provides these benefits below. An Improved Quality Of Life Hearing loss not only makes […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Fireworks Can Harm Your Hearing

    How New Year’s Eve Fireworks Can Harm Your Hearing

    Fireworks are part of holiday celebrations such as the Fourth of July and of course New Years Eve. With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, there are dangers associated with fireworks that need be addressed. No, these precautions have nothing to do with the fire dangers associated with these combustible skyrockets but more to do with […]

  • Beltone Audiology | Loving Your Hearing Aid

    Loving Your Hearing Aid

    Hearing loss may be irreversible, but it is treatable. With the help of frequent hearing tests, a reduction in loud noises, and properly fitted hearing aids, you can maintain a comfortable level of hearing. For most people, hearing aids can be difficult to accept but at Beltone Audiology, we can help you make the most […]

  • Beltone Audiology Mumps and Hearing Loss

    How Do The Mumps Cause Hearing Loss

    Before vaccines were available, mumps used to be the leading cause for hearing loss in children. Now that vaccines are available, that isn’t the current situation. If that were the case then, is there any reason to be worried about this? What purpose would there be in reading this article? The truth is, these preventive […]

  • Beltone Audiology Sharing Earbuds

    Can I Share My Earbuds

    Nowadays, listening devices such as earphones are available at our disposal. It enables us to listen to things privately or to hear things a lot better in a noisy place without having to compete with other sounds in the area. In 2017 a research was conducted in the US, and it was found that 87% […]