When Should You Change Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are one of the most common hearing loss remedies prescribed by ear doctors. Patients can easily slip a pair on and have his or her hearing amplified in order to listen, communicate, and participate more in social situations.


However helpful they may be, hearing aids are still gadgets and like every other piece of equipment, it will wear out or be damaged and will most definitely need a replacement at some point.


Those who have owned hearing aids will most likely agree that these apparatuses are quite expensive, and so there is a natural hesitation when confronted with the idea of purchasing a new pair of hearing aids. Understandably, one would only feel it necessary to buy a new pair if spending that much money is absolutely essential in their current situation.


So how would we know when it’s time to grab a new pair? Read on.


Your Hearing Aids Constantly Require Repairs


Hearing aids usually last between five to seven years. Be that as it may, since it will be constantly exposed to the elements such as rain, dust, wax, and humidity, it will most likely incur damages.


Unfortunately, most hearing aids manufacturers only produce a certain model’s parts for around five years before moving on. That means that hearing aids are typically repaired with old, used, or spare parts. If your pair of hearing aids are often in need of fixing, it may be wiser and cheaper to just buy a new one.


Increased Hearing Loss


In certain cases, a patient’s hearing impairment may worsen after some time and that will most likely entail a need for better hearing aids. Even if your current pair is still functional, it may benefit you more to get a new, more advanced model if your hearing condition has changed.


Other Health Changes


Aside from the degree of hearing acuity, other health changes may factor in the decision to buy a new pair of hearing aids. For instance, arthritis can affect one’s fingers and that can make changing batteries or pressing certain buttons too painful or time-consuming. Hearing aids that require less battery changes or models with less buttons can be appropriate replacements in this case.


Upgrade To The Latest In Hearing Aid Technology


Some patients that own a functioning pair of hearing aids may desire to buy a more advanced model simply because they want to experience what the latest innovations in hearing aid technology can offer. Although pricey, you may be interested in grabbing a pair of implantable hearing aids for instance, which can facilitate the reception of sound better and will look more natural, or one that has Bluetooth capabilities for a more hands-off interaction.


Before you ultimately decide to purchase a new pair of hearing aids, it is best to first consult an otolaryngologist or an ear specialist to know through tests the causes of your hearing loss, the degree of impairment, and what kind of hearing aids would benefit you the most. Beltone Audiology can help! Call us today at (888) 210-5846.