Common Hearing Aid Issues and Their Simple Fixes

  1. Hearing Aid Repair

Every piece of hardware has its own issues and a hearing aid is no different. They may be small, but they are also complex pieces of technology. Some wearers may experience a few technical difficulties with theirs. Some may become wet, others may start to make strange noises or they’ll just stop working entirely.

Continue reading to learn a few common hearing aid problems and how to fix them.

Won’t Turn On

Some wearers may have to deal with their Beltone hearing aids going out at some point. In most cases, all you have to do to fix a faulty hearing aid is to recharge or replace the battery. It’s also worth mentioning that the battery may not even be inserted properly. However, if switching the battery doesn’t work, you might have to replace the device itself.

The Sound is Weak

Another common hearing aid problem is weak sound. An audiologist will suggest that if you’re not picking up enough sound to clean out any earwax in the dome. However, if the dome’s color is yellow, it might be time to replace the hearing aid. Of course, there are multiple types of hearing aids. For example, should you have a RIC hearing aid, take off the dome and make sure that the wax guard is clogged. If so, you can easily replace the guard with the plastic tool that comes with it.

The Hearing Aid is Wet

Having a wet hearing aid is something every owner experiences at least once or twice. They can become wet if you go into the shower with them or you’ve been in a humid temperature for too long. Either way, it can cause irreparable damage to Beltone hearing aids. However, these are actually easy to fix. All you have to do is simply let your hearing aid dry or put them in a bowl of dry rice so it can absorb the moisture.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different and may require a specific type of hearing aid. Only an audiologist can help you determine which hearing aid is right for you. Most of the time, the problems that come with hearing aids are easily repairable and won’t end up costing you a fortune.

If you have any issues with your Beltone Hearing Aid, contact the audiologists at Beltone Audiology to assist. Call (888) 210-5846 or use our online form to get started today. You’ll be glad you did.