Are Diabetes And Hearing Loss Related?

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It’s currently under debate, but studies show a strong correlation between diabetes and hearing loss. One in every three diabetes patients is likely to experience hearing loss. After several decades, there’s still no conclusive answer unfortunately.

While there’s no solid evidence at present, researchers suggest that the problem might occur in the inner ear blood vessels. The theory is due to the lack of backup supply of blood flow. These vessels are left vulnerable to damage in the occurrence of high sugar levels. When blood sugar levels increase, the vessel walls are damaged, which in turn hinders blood flow from entering the inner ear blood vessels.

This reduced blood flow can cause further damage on the inner ear which would be permanent. Also damaged by the heightened levels of blood sugar are the hair cells and nerves around the inner ear. Because of this, scientists are insisting that hearing loss be considered as one of the complications of diabetes. Compared to other several causes behind hearing loss, diabetes patients who develop this complication tend to get it earlier.

How To Lower Your Risk Of Hearing Loss

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is the best way to keep your hearing intact and healthy. Eat a nutritious diet, exercise regularly and have a healthy lifestyle overall. These will not only prevent your sugar levels from increasing to unideal levels, but will also keep away other complications. Avoiding other diabetes-triggered problems could also give rise to hearing loss issues. Make blood glucose readings a daily habit so you can check whether they’re in the normal range and immediately address any concerning increase or decrease.

Other tips to maintain your hearing ability would be to avoid smoking and loud noises. The toxic habit of smoking hastens any hearing problems, especially when you’re exposed to other hearing-loss-causing factors. Smoking then acts as a hastening agent, like causing the effect of those issues on your hearing to speed up much faster than they do on their own.

Keep volumes at tolerable levels for your hears, specifically when the source of the music is placed closely to your ear like when listening to music on earphones. If loud environments aren’t easy to avoid or it comes with your work, be certain to keep your ears protected with earplugs or other recommended instruments.

It’s advisable for diabetes patients to get routine screenings from their eyes to their ears to their hearts and their kidneys, as well as other parts in the same systems. These would greatly aid in the detection of any health problems due to the sickness while in their early stages. It would prompt your physician to provide solutions to stop and prevent these from developing further.

For those currently experiencing diabetes, make sure to see your doctor yearly for your checkup. If you’d like more expert advice on preventing hearing loss and what can cause it, contact Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846. We also offer free hearing tests so call us today to schedule one.