Does Your Hearing Aid Work for You?

  1. Beltone Audiology | Does Your Hearing Aid Work for You?

Many people hesitate to get a hearing aid because they are worried that it won’t work for them. However, the question of whether or not a hearing aid will work comes down to fit and level of hearing loss. We’ve compiled a list of common questions we receive from patients about whether hearing aids will work. Check out our answers below.

Will an Aid Assist My Hearing?

A hearing aid expands sound sensations entering your ear. To truly determine whether a hearing aid will assist your hearing, you should schedule a hearing test with a hearing aid specialist. After your test, you’ll be informed of your level of hearing loss and what type of hearing aid will work for you.

How Can You Discover When a Hearing Aid Is Needed?

If you’re a few experiencing classic signs of hearing loss like issues hearing television, struggling to hear women and children, and more, then it’s time to schedule a hearing test. At your hearing test you’ll undergo a few auditory tests to determine your level of hearing. Then, you’ll receive a consultation

Which Aid Will End up Giving Me The Best Support?

It is best to choose your hearing aids with the help of a qualified audiologist. It is important to note that even if you are experiencing hearing loss in one ear, you should wear two hearing aids. Wearing two hearing aids will ensure you hear sound at the same intensity in both ears and help with sound localization.

It is best to have a serious discussion with your audiologist when selecting the right aid that will help enhance your hearing. An audiologist can help you find the right fit and form for you. For more information about hearing aids, contact Beltone Audiology today.