Hearing Aids Applications

  1. Hearing Aids Applications

Hearing loss can be a scary experience for anyone. Luckily, there are many advancements in technology that can allow you to implement hearing aids with ease so you can combat your hearing loss. Beltone Audiology offers a wide variety of applications that you can access right from your smartphone including HearMax, HearPlus, SmartRemote, and Tinnitus Calmer.


Hearing care has never been so good. With HearMax, you will receive one of the most advanced hearing aid control apps of our time. This sleek and innovative design allows for one-tap access to some easy to use features. You can even integrate this application with voice activation to make your life even easier. With this application, you can control the volume, enhance the clarity, choose your environment, and so much more.


For use with many of Beltone hearing aids, HearPlus is an updated version that allows for more unique feature choices. You can enjoy features including fine-tuning audio and music, adjusting volumes, changing settings, and altering your hearing aid programs. This application comes along with a misplaced hearing aid finder, battery status checker, and informative tutorials to ensure you know just how to efficiently run this application.


Beltone offers the SmartRemote application that allows hearing aid users to discreetly alter the aids. You can adjust listening levels and other similar settings to get the best sound quality possible. This application even allows you to hear music through your stereo, television, or other wireless accessories. With its user-friendly application design, the SmartRemote can be easily used by persons of all ages.

Tinnitus Calmer

Tinnitus can be an extremely irritating condition where ringing or buzzing noises are heard in one or both of your ears on a constant basis. The makers at Beltone know just how frustrating this can be for patients and have developed their Tinnitus Calmer application to help. This simple application works to help calm the brain and refocus it away from the tinnitus. You’ll notice a combination of relaxing exercises and sound therapy that can work to provide you with relief from your tinnitus condition.

When you start to lose some of your hearing, life can feel challenging. Fortunately, the makers at Beltone want to assist you in getting back to normal. This is why we offer a wide variety of products that can assist you in fine-tuning your hearing. While hearing aids were traditionally produced with only a select volume function, they’ve developed greatly over the years. Now, different tones can be easily adjusted with Beltone applications. This can make hearing better for any user. When you want the ultimate in hearing care, you should opt for these helpful applications.

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