Do Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss

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Do hearing aids cause hearing loss? Absolutely not. Hearing aids allow us to hear clearer and better. They do not cause hearing loss. In fact, hearing aids sharpen our hearing abilities and delay the development of hearing loss over time. Ever wonder why this question often crosses people’s minds?


Your Brain is Adjusting

People with hearing loss do not consult their audiologist as soon as they start experiencing hearing loss. They usually wait seven to ten years before they seek out the help of their hearing healthcare professionals to have their hearing loss checked. As a result, your brain becomes more and more familiar with how it perceives sound with hearing loss. This level of sound perception becomes normal to it.

When hearing aids are fitted, the transparency and loudness of the sounds appear annoying at first. It will take time before your brain becomes fully adjusted to your hearing device. This is why you are given a trial period between one to two weeks upon your hearing aid purchase. Your brain needs ample time to adjust to the hearing aids before it becomes accustomed to the new sound it hears.


Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

Hearing aids should be properly fitted and programmed so you can attain its maximum benefits. Hearing aids amplify the sounds you hear so you can hear them better. However, if your hearing aids are improperly amplified, they could either damage your ears or fail to improve your hearing. In modern times, digital hearing aids have the ability to amplify sounds without amplifying them too much so they can remain safe to your hearing.

The safe sound level for the human ear is between 80 dB to 85 dB. Any sound level beyond that range is considered harmful. As long as your hearing aids are amplified according to your hearing loss, it will not harm your ears and will help you hear better. After your trial period, if your hearing aid doesn’t work best for you, you can return them and ask for any other options available.


If you feel that your hearing aids are not properly fitted or programmed, see your audiologist immediately so they can adjust the settings to your comfort level of hearing. Delaying it further can be the cause of your worsening hearing loss. Make sure you consult with your audiologist at the first sign of discomfort.

Properly fitted and programmed hearing aids do not cause or worsen hearing loss. In fact, they have more positive benefits in your life that you might not possibly know. Do you want to know more about how hearing aids can make your life better? Feel free to contact our hearing healthcare professionals at Beltone Audiology or simply call us at (888) 210-5846 to avail a free hearing test.