Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The effects of hearing loss can be different for each person who experiences it, and that means a hearing aid needs to be able to adapt to each wearer’s unique needs, even as those needs change over time.

The Beltone LegendTM was designed to provide superior adaptability for those who suffer from hearing loss, offering a wealth of features and customizable options for a natural hearing experience that’s based on the wearer’s unique needs, hobbies and lifestyle.

Beltone Legend

The Beltone Legend Hearing Aid: Better Design, Better Hearing

The Beltone Legend hearing aid offers an especially slim and lightweight design for a fit that’s more comfortable and more discreet. But don’t be fooled – there’s still plenty of room to pack in features using the most advanced, state-of-the-art digital technology on the market today.

The LegendTM offers a wide array of features as well as additional apps and options for a richer listening experience, including features like:

  • Crosslink DirectionalityTM developed to evaluate the sound environment and automatically adjust the hearing aid settings for the best listening experience possible
  • Personal Sound IDTM and wind noise reduction technology designed to adjust sound levels for your comfort and reduce extraneous noises that can hamper your hearing experience
  • Smart Gain ProTM to sort and prioritize sounds as they enter the ear, automatically adjusting the volume of specific sounds for a more comfortable listening experience that’s more like natural hearing
  • Feedback EraserTM to eliminate the high-pitched whistling or other sounds that can occur when the hearing aid is close to another object
  • Wireless integration to allow you to stream sounds from audio devices like TV, iPhones and iPods directly to your hearing aid
  • HearPlusTM app to enable discreet, hands-free control and adjustment of your hearing aid right from your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®
  • HPF80 NanoBlockTM coating to protect your hearing aid from dust, dirt and moisture

Experience More “Personalized” Hearing With the Beltone Legend Hearing Aid

Beltone is a leader in hearing aid technology, and the Beltone Legend represents a best-in-class solution that incorporates many of the most advanced features available.

The Legend supports binaural hearing with synchronous functionality that enables each feature to work together for a richer three-dimensional sound experience.

Automatic adjustment and full programmability let you decide what works best for you so you can enjoy a truly custom solution that meets your needs in every sound environment.

Find out if the Beltone Legend Hearing Aid is right for you. Request a free hearing test.

The Beltone LegendTM‘s customizable features make it a great option for many people who suffer from hearing loss, but it’s not always the best solution. Beltone offers a wide array of state-of-the-art digital hearing aids to ensure every person finds the ideal solution for their needs.

To find out if the find out if the Beltone LegendTM is a good choice for you, call (888) 210-5846 today to request your free hearing test at one of our 27 locations in Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama, or use our online form to request more information.

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