Beltone Promise TM

Hearing is a complex process that requires constant adjustment of both ears to enable you to experience the richest listening experience possible. The Beltone PromiseTM hearing aid was designed to promote a better, more natural hearing experience by adjusting automatically to different sound types and different environments so you can enjoy a better hearing experience that’s more like natural, healthy hearing. Plus, the Beltone PromiseTM features some of the most advanced computer technology available for a design that’s smaller, lighter and more comfortable, so you can enjoy a hearing aid that’s more discreet and easier to wear.

The Beltone Promise TM Hearing Aid: Features-Rich Design

Hearing AidsThe Beltone PromiseTM offers a wide variety of features that can be adjusted and customized for each person, so every wearer can enjoy a listening experience that’s adapted specifically to their hearing loss, their medical needs and their lifestyle. Features include:

  • Crosslink DirectionalityTM to help ears sort and prioritize sounds so hearing can be automatically adjusted depending on your activity and your environment
  • Smart Gain ProTM and Sound Cleaner ProTM to filter background noises and identify important sounds like conversations, adjusting the volume of each to provide a listening experience that’s more like natural hearing
  • Ear-to-Ear SynchronizationTM to enable your listening experience to adjust automatically as you transition from one listening environment to another
  • Personal wireless technology and direct-to-device streaming, so you can stream sound from audio devices, TVs, phones and more directly to your hearing aids
  • Telephone enhancement technology aimed at helping you hear phone conversations more clearly and more distinctly
  • The Tinnitus BreakerTM, developed to help people who suffer from persistent “ringing,” buzzing, hissing or clicking noises that can make it difficult to hear clearly
  • HPF80 NanoBlockTM coating to protect your hearing aid from dust, dirt and moisture

How can I tell if the Beltone Promise TM Hearing Aid is a good choice for me?

The Beltone PromiseTM offers plenty of customizable features and options that make it an ideal solution for many people suffering from hearing loss. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for your needs and your lifestyle. The best way to determine if the PromiseTM is right for you – or if another Beltone digital hearing aid might be a better option – is to request a free hearing test at your nearest Beltone Audiology location. In addition to the free hearing evaluation and personal hearing health assessment, we also offer the Beltone AVETM system that’s designed to let you “test drive” hearing aids before you make a selection. Plus, the surround sound experience enables your loved ones to gain a better understanding of your symptoms and the effect they can have on your life.
Request your free hearing test today.

If you’ve been experiencing hearing loss or if you haven’t had your hearing evaluated for a while, call Beltone Audiology today and request your free hearing test. If you can’t make it in to one of our 27 convenient locations in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi, we can some out to your home, nursing home or assisted living facility and provide you with the same high-quality testing and consultation at your location. To request you free hearing test, call toll-free at (888) 210-5846 or fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch.