Hearing Loss Treatment

Clear hearing is an essential part of leading a full, rich life, which can be done by making your hearing health a priority. Even a mild hearing loss can affect how well you can hear conversations, music and other sounds. And as a result, people who have hearing loss often avoid situations where careful listening is required, leading to social isolation, loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Hearing Health

Without proper treatment, hearing health issues can increase your risks for cognitive issues like Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Plus, hearing problems can interfere with concentration and focusing, resulting in lower earning power compared to those with healthy hearing.

Getting Help for Hearing Loss

When our ears are healthy and functioning properly, it’s easy to take good hearing for granted. But because we rely on verbal communication and other sound “cues” throughout our daily lives, hearing issues can have profound effects in both our social and professional activities.

Age-related hearing loss can be especially problematic since it occurs slowly over a longer period of time, leaving many men and women unaware of their hearing loss until it becomes significant.

Fortunately, most types of hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids featuring digital technology designed to automatically adjust to different environments, filtering out extraneous noise without detracting from the three-dimensional listening experience.

And with the right hearing aid, researchers have shown many of the effects of hearing loss can be reversed, so you can continue to enjoy life on your terms.

The Right Hearing Aid for Your Needs

Today’s hearing aids use designs that are much smaller and lighter weight than “old-fashioned” analog hearing aids, making them very comfortable and very discreet.

Beltone Audiology | Beltone Legend Hearing Aid

As a top provider of digital hearing aids, Beltone offers a wide array of options depending on the hearing aid you choose, including:

  • apps and functions to help people with tinnitus, or “ringing” in the ears
  • CrosslinkTM directionality to help you identify sounds coming from different sources
  • Speech SpotterTM technology to help you hear conversations more clearly
  • direct-to-device streaming for cellphones, telephones, televisions, laptops, gaming systems and music devices
  • environmental programs developed to “turn down” the volume on background noise while amplifying conversations so you can hear better even in noisy environments

Hearing loss can occur for different reasons, and the first step in determining which hearing aid is right for you is to have your hearing evaluated by a hearing specialist.

At Beltone, we are recognized as a leading provider of comprehensive hearing evaluations using the most advanced techniques and state-of-the-art computer technology for the most accurate results.

Our hearing specialists are skilled in evaluating all types of hearing loss and in making the most appropriate care recommendations based on each person’s unique needs, lifestyles and preferences.

Taking the first step toward better hearing starts by requesting a free hearing test at one of Beltone 27 locations in Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama. To request your free hearing test, call Beltone toll-free at (888) 210-5846 or use our online form to request an appointment today.