Hearing Loss Questions

Do I need a hearing aid?

If you have any type of hearing loss – even a relatively mild one – you need to have a hearing evaluation to determine the cause as well as your options for treatment.

Some types of hearing loss may occur for reasons that can be treated medically, such as impacted earwax or an infection. Other types of hearing loss like age-related hearing loss and noise-induced hearing loss require other solutions.

Without treatment, hearing loss can cause anxiety, depression, poor performance and work, and social isolation – it can even increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The best way to determine if you need a hearing aid is to have a free hearing test at one of our 27 locations in Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama.

What are the signs of hearing loss?

Different types of hearing loss can cause different symptoms, depending on the extent of the loss and which part of the hearing process is affected. Some of the most common signs of hearing loss are:

  • difficulty following conversations
  • asking people to repeat themselves on a regular basis
  • feeling like other people are always mumbling
  • problems hearing telephone conversations
  • difficulty hearing in noisy environments
  • needing to have the TV turned up louder than what’s comfortable for other people
  • continual ringing, hissing, buzzing or clicking noises in one or both ears

How often should I have my hearing tested?

Ideally, you should have your hearing tested every year as you get older. That’s because the early stages of hearing loss can be hard to detect on your own, and getting treatment early is the best way to avoid side effects like depression and cognitive decline.

Can I afford a hearing aid?

Beltone wants everyone who needs a hearing aid to be able to afford it. We work closely with insurance and Medicare to ensure each person receives the maximum benefits allowed, and we also pair with many membership organizations to provide significant discounts.

Plus, we offer an array of affordable payment plans ranging from six months to as long as five years.

What is a digital hearing aid?

Digital hearing aids represent the latest in hearing aid design, using advanced computerized technology to achieve a hearing experience that’s remarkably natural.

Digital hearing aids can adjust based on each person’s unique needs and the surrounding environment, filtering out extraneous noises while amplifying the sounds that are most important for a much clearer listening experience compared to “old-fashioned” analog hearing aids.

Why are two hearing aids recommended?

Most people who have hearing loss in one ear also have some degree of hearing loss in the other ear. Because hearing relies on both ears for the most natural experience, having two hearing aids lets you enjoy a better hearing experience.

Plus, Beltone’s ear-to-ear synchronization enables your ears to work together for clearer sound quality.

Can I try out a hearing aid before I buy it?

Yes; Beltone’s AVETM system lets customers “test drive” different hearing aids before making a final selection, plus its surround sound feature also lets your loved ones “hear” your hearing loss so they can develop a better understanding of your symptoms and experience.