Hearing Loss Charities And How You Can Help

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Hearing loss is a problem that affects numerous people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, not all of these people can afford the necessary treatments this complication entails. Hearing aids are common devices a professional would prescribe for them, but quality versions of this would cost an upwards of 1,000 dollars.

Due to this predicament in society a group of concerned people have stepped up to try and address this. Charities are now helping those who are financially lacking, to get the help they need in terms of hearing health.

You can help too! Whether you want to donate or want to do some volunteer work.

Why Is It So Important To Help Those With Hearing Loss?

At times, people can easily dismiss hearing loss as a minor illness that does not require so much attention, especially with cases that are not so severe. This is because people are unaware of the possible effects that comes with an inability to perceive sound as well as they’re supposed to.

Hearing loss is strongly linked to dementia. There is evidence that a person’s cognitive capacity declines when they have this disability. This is because the brain becomes strained due to the amount of effort it gives trying to decipher what a person is saying. Gradually and over time this may develop into some form of dementia.

Some of the people with hearing disabilities are inclined to detach from relationships and avoid having to mingle with other people because of their condition. This can be caused by frustration or being ridiculed by others. This leads to loneliness and possibly depression in the long run.

Hearing Charities Of America (HCOA)

This is an association whose devoted to helping americans with hearing loss gain access to assistance they need for their impairment. To achieve this they have deployed several programs spread out across the country.

Safe Ears

A project by HCOA whose purpose is to bring awareness to the youth about noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This is especially important as today’s technological capacity allows for young people to listen to music with devices that are inserted in the ears or placed right on them (i.e headphones, earphones)

The Hearing Aid Project

HCOA’s initiative to provide hearing aids for those who are not financially capable to purchase these devices. If these individuals are to merely buy cheap models, the likelihood of these being able to service them properly would be slim. With this project, having this device means they can avoid the possible repercussions of hearing loss and be able to interact with others easily.


Hearing Charities of America is humble enough to acknowledge that they can’t solve the troubles of hearing loss across the nation all by themselves, which is why non-profit organizations may partner up with them. HCOA will help these by awarding them grants and entry for their staff to conferences and trainings.

Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss

This is a charity that prioritizes children with hearing loss across the world. The reason for which was explained earlier, which is the susceptibility of the youth towards developing an impairment to perceive sound.

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