Hearing Loss & Speech Development In Children

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Hearing is important for children to develop their skills in speaking. Through listening to others talk, they are able to capture words and how they are pronounced and used within conversations. They are able to get concept of how they can fully form and express an idea through words.

Unfortunately there are instances where children’s speech progress is hindered due to complications in hearing. Some are born with some form of hearing loss while others gain it throughout their childhood. There are however, other options to choose from for children to further advance their communication skills.

Causes For Hearing Loss In Children

It can be quite shocking for kids, at such a young age, could acquire an impairment like this which is usually associated with being old. Different factors can be the cause for this.

In some cases this complication can be congenitally gained, meaning they are accompanied by this condition since their birth. This can be caused by a mother taking ototoxic medicines which are drugs that can cause hearing loss, premature birthing, a disorder in the nervous system or brain, infection or diabetes with the mother during pregnancy, and excessive drug, alcohol, and smoke intake while the mother is pregnant.

Moms should be very cautious with her actions as she is carrying her baby. They must see to it that they are given the necessary nutrition that is needed, meaning that they eat and drink only healthy food and liquids and avoid any unhealthy voices during this very crucial process. Her kid might still be in her womb during this period but what happens during this will very much affect the baby throughout their life even up to maturity, especially in terms of their hearing and speech capabilities.

With others, their hearing impairment is “acquired” while they are young, during those years where the ability to listen is vital for learning, especially for how to talk. It can be brought about by head trauma, extremely loud noise, ingesting ototoxic medications, infections, and a pierced eardrum.

Temporary Hearing Loss

Not all losses in hearing are permanent. A lot are actually temporary, and kids are especially prone to this because of their susceptibility to infection because of the alignment of their eustachian tube. Be wary of these infections and make sure to treat the immediately because if left ignored it can produce lasting effects.


Given the condition of your child, you’ll have to look to alternatives to see to it that they gain and hone their capacity to communicate/speak.

Sign Language – For those that are completely deaf, they may not be able to experience the beauty of sound as we do but that does not mean they have to live in a dull world. Through sign language they are able to converse and make joyous memories with others.

Lip Read – Suited for those who are partially deaf, these work by listening coupled by observation of the movements of the lips to recognize what is being said.

Hearing Aids – Majority of hearing loss cases can be treated via hearing aids. This is a device that will amplify sound for the wearer giving them the ability to hear better.

Parents must be responsible enough to keenly watch over their children and make sure they are safe. Always have them in a location where they are in sight and make sure you educate them on how important it is to protect their body. Ensure your baby’s hearing health by speaking to a Beltone Audiology expert at (888) 210-5846.