How Do Males And Females Listen Differently?

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There may be instances where women complain that their partners don’t listen to what they’re saying. This is because research shows that both genders adapt differently when it comes to listening. Understanding how your partner listens can help improve the relationship and place you both on the same page.These insights will fully help a male and female understand how the opposite sexes react in terms of listening and conversation. Eventually, they’ll help in solving communication problems in the long run. Here are explanations to show how men and women listen in different aspects.


According to audiology analysis, it’s proven that men are more likely to suffer with hearing loss as they age compared to women. When men age, their hearing declines twice as fast and expedites when exposed to a noisy environment. To help with this problem, hearing aids are a great solution, these devices do not fully heal hearing loss but helps with making a conversation more clear and concise. Wearing hearing aids also help in improving relationships with loved ones. The clearer the hearing, the better the dialogue.


When given the opportunity to listen in on a situation that leads them to coming up with a solution, men and women both have a different way of approaching this. Men are known to be natural problem solvers and are quick in decision making, so it makes it easy for them to fix the situation and get it over and done with. Compared to men who like to make immediate decisions, women take the time to listen and process information carefully, mentally storing details as future reference. They also like to take additional time to think of more in-depth ways to tackle the situation. To summarize, men enjoy solving the situation quickly while women enjoy the whole process of reaching towards the end goal.


This has become an observation that women are more visual when it comes to conversation or even storytelling compared to men. Men are very simple and straight to the point where they just talk about the gist or summary of their stories. Women are known to add more details into what they will talk about such as the date, time or people they were with, they can even add the emotions they felt or the memories that pop into their head when sharing the story. This helps the opposite sexes understand how the conversation turns out. For example, when a women converses with a man and adding in lots of sub-details it can get overwhelming for the guy. When conversing with a man, take note to be more direct, and men can take the effort to give more details in the conversation for women to grasp the emotional tone. Take the time to break down points as well. If both are good listeners, then the experience in the relationship will be smoother.

To make a relationship grow, each person involved should make an effort to reach out and understand the other. Hearing problems make building relationships a bit more challenging but it’s just another obstacle which all relationships have. Get a precise assessment and quality hearing aids to solve this matter speedily at Beltone Audiology. Call us at (888) 210-5846.