How Does Hearing Loss Impact Relationships?

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  2. Beltone Audiology | Hearing Loss and Relationships

Hearing loss is a condition that many know of, but few understand the true effects that come with it. It is common knowledge that with this comes a lessened ability to perceive sound. What few take into account is the capacity of this disability to affect relationships between people.

With the presence of devices for the hearing impaired, we wonder why these kinds of setbacks still take place in our modern world. This is because, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America, only 25% of people in need of hearing aids actually use one. The other 75% do not, and as a result of this, their interactions with other people tend to take a negative impact.

The Effects

A research in the UK was done in 2009 with 1,500 participants who experienced challenges in hearing. It was revealed that 34% of them totally lost people in their lives as a result of their condition. This included people losing their spouses.

This is because in any bond between people, the link that holds these bonds together is proper communication. The language, tone, and humor in which people communicate may greatly differ in a variety of people but “talking” is one of the most common and practiced forms. The University of California discovered that an average woman says 20,000 words a day, in contrast to an average man who speaks 7,000 words in a day. This medium of relaying information is used and practiced everyday in casual settings between friends, or inside the more formal conferences and meeting rooms where businesses are conducted.

Hearing is a vital component when talking to each other. Those with hearing loss have a tendency of not being able to follow conversations so well. Other times they feel ashamed of frequently asking their companions to repeat what they are saying, which should not be the case. This often leads to isolation, then depression.

In workplaces, comprehension suffers due to hearing impairments, so the quality of a person’s output may not be at its finest. This could lead to reprimands by superiors, and a feeling of inferiority and low level of job satisfaction. These people end up blaming themselves for their inadequate performance, when the real cause was their condition.

There Is A Solution!

For those of you with hearing loss, meet with a healthcare professional for them to advise you with the appropriate treatment. Majority of those experiencing hearing loss will only need hearing aids. These devices will help you in recognizing sounds much better. Take good care of them as these are instruments that will enable you to live your life normally.

For those with much more severe cases, surgery is most probably your option. Refer to a specialist for this.

If you have yet to receive your hearing aid, or have had surgery, when dealing with people be honest with them and tell them you have a hearing deficiency. You would be surprised as to the kindness and patience of many people. They will immediately make the  necessary adjustments so that they can communicate with you much better. Ask them to face you when they are talking. Request also that they talk slowly, clearly and much louder if needed.

Many of the hearing impaired feel guilty and fear being ridiculed so they choose not to be open about their condition. In reality, this only worsens things. Many people are actually understanding of those with disabilities and will do what is needed for them. To get the right hearing aids, call Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.