How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

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After all the struggle with the test, consultations, and test fittings, you finally have your personal hearing aids to help you on a daily basis. With most things important to our lives, we always have that one question we can’t seem to evade – “how long do these things last before I need to replace them?”.

Yes, the inevitable question that everyone asks but refuses to accept. With all things made they most certainly will have to go away someday. The best thing we as owners of highly technical products can do now is prolonging their expected lifespan to get the most out of them. But how exactly do we do that for hearing aids?

How Long Do They Last?

Let’s have a look at the typical lifespan of a proper and cleaned hearing aid. On average, hearing aids last for five (5) years. Now you may be wondering why such an important piece of technology can’t even last a decade’s worth of use, we must always remember that hearing aids do get worn out despite its basic functions compared to a smartphone or a computer. Think of it this way – technology is a rapidly changing field of study, thus after five years, your hearing aids might need an upgrade to better suit your daily needs. If you decide to stay with your old and outdated hearing aid, you might miss out on what the latest technology can offer.

Why Don’t They Last Longer?

You might still be wondering why hearing aids don’t feel like they were made to last longer. That’s a fair question with a reasonable answer. Hearing aids are basically used at around 18 hours a day and are only unused after you take them off for sleep. That’s eighteen hours a day for 7 days a week. A man-made machine that basically has the same amount of working time as do your eyes that lasts an average lifespan of five (5) years, now that’s durability. As I’ve stated earlier, with all things made they most certainly will have to go away someday. Daily use of hearing aids will definitely not come with extraordinary lifespan.

But even then there are hearing aids that don’t make it all the way toward their five (5) year lifespan. That’s mainly the result of bad ownership. Treat your hearing aids the same way you’d treat your body – it’s basically an extension of your ears. Cleaning your hearing aids on a daily routine will help prolong its lifespan. Always make sure to avoid wax and/or moisture buildup as these may lead to rapid aging of your hearing aids. It also doesn’t hurt to have a professional

take a look at your hearing aids and hand them over for cleaning or repairs.

Last, but not the least, keep your hearing aids in cool and dry places. When not in use and in storage, always remember to remove the batteries as these have a tendency to corrode if left inside while unused.

And that’s it! Nothing beats father time. All you have to do is be keen on caring for your hearing aids and they’ll last you longer than you’d expect. For more tips on how to care for your hearing aids, get professional advice at Beltone Audiology. Call us at (888) 210-5846.