How New Year’s Eve Fireworks Can Harm Your Hearing

  1. Beltone Audiology | Fireworks Can Harm Your Hearing

Fireworks are part of holiday celebrations such as the Fourth of July and of course New Years Eve. With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, there are dangers associated with fireworks that need be addressed. No, these precautions have nothing to do with the fire dangers associated with these combustible skyrockets but more to do with the loud noise that is associated with fireworks, many of us know how loud these can be but what we don’t know is that close exposure to this noise can cause hearing loss.

Deafening Noise of Firework

A good portion of us have experienced a fireworks display first hand. We know how loud these can actually be, but maybe we aren’t aware of the full impact they will have on our hearing. The loudest amount of sound that is recommended for an adult and a child to take in at one time 140 decimals of sound and 130 decimals, respectively. Turns out that fireworks range from 150 to a high as 175 in sound decimals, so we can see that this is much higher than is recommended for even adults, so we can imagine the damage to someone’s hearing.

Ways to Protect Our Ears

So, how can we protect our ears? Firstly, be as far away from the display whenever possible. Another precaution is to invest in foam pliable ear plugs that are used in noisy factories. These don’t block out the sound completely but they block out the deafening part of the noise which is essential to protect your ears from experiencing any hearing loss.

Get Your Ears Tested

For those of us who suspect that some loss of hearing has already occurred due to witnessing a live firework display, the best advice is to seek out a medical evaluation. Having the ear checked to see if any loss of hearing has occurred is the first step in being able to do something about it. So, don’t be afraid to find out if this is the case.

Even though fireworks are New Year’s Eve can make the celebration that much more special, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our hearing to do so. If you find yourself already suffering from loss of hearing due to fireworks or other loud noises, contact Beltone Audiology today.