How Obesity Is Related To Hearing Loss

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Taking care of your health is one of the most vital things to consider as you are growing older, struggling with more than one health conditions cannot be a walk in the park, obesity being one of them. If you suddenly have this gasping feeling when talking a walk or find out that your favorite clothes can’t fit you anymore, it is not the most comfortable feeling in the world.

With proper diet and exercise that is followed thoroughly, it can result to weight loss in no time. If an obese person does not watch out for their weight, there is a possibility that one’s obesity can lead to hearing loss.

The Relationship

One of the common things that obesity can lead to is high blood pressure which seniors are warned to be careful with its risks, if one is not careful with how they deal with their blood pressure especially at an old age, sadly this can lead to hearing loss.

Once a person’s high blood pressure gets worse, it can also cause ringing in the ears which is also known as tinnitus, a common hearing loss problem which usually comes with unhealthy eating habits as one of the causes.

Ways To Lose Weight Easily

If you wish to get back on track in living a healthy lifestyle, here are ways you can say goodbye to obesity and hello to health and fitness:

Proper Diet

People with obesity may suffer with poor metabolism, hence making it easier for them to gain weight compared to others who can eat a lot and still remain the same weight. You can consult your local doctor to help you stick to a proper diet that can benefit your health greatly.

At times like this, it is best to consume food loaded with sugar, carbohydrates and fat that can greatly result to weight gain. As mentioned, your local doctor can easily help keep you on track with your recommended diet plan because following a diet you may see on television or on the internet may make you feel weak. Let the doctor know what food is best for you to lose weight.


If one follows a healthy diet, mixing it with exercise will definitely help make one lose weight even faster. Asides from the weight loss, exercising at least 30 minutes a day can greatly help benefit one’s health easily in terms of fitness and alertness.

Do exercises early in the morning to help wake up the mind such as cardio activities like swimming, jogging or running. This helps especially for adults who are always consumed with work and have to sit down for hours, having constant movement can help stimulate yourself and also feel healthy in the long run, you won’t be catching your breath after a few flights of stairs anytime soon.

Here are ways that you can eliminate obesity to ensure that won’t lead to problems with hearing anytime soon. If you experience more problems, don’t forget to consult your local ear doctor for help and advice on what to do. For more ideas on proper hearing health care, call us at Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846.