How To Eliminate Hearing Aid Feedback

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If you are wearing your hearing aid and you start to notice sudden whistling noises, this is a normal case which is called feedback. Hearing aid feedback usually occurs when placing or removing the hearing aid and placing your hand on your ear. This happens when amplified sounds leave the ear and go back to the microphone resulting in a whistle.

Get to know about the causes of hearing aid feedback below:

Poor Or Loose Fit

One of the instances where feedback occurs is when the hearing aid is not exactly fit in the ear. When it is not perfectly fit inside this will give the opportunity for the air to freely pass through the device and make irritating whistling noises. When putting on your hearing aid, make sure it that it is the perfect fit to avoid the feedback. One way to test the fitting is by pushing the hearing aid a little bit further inside your ear, this will help determine if the fit is really a problem.

Constant Mouth Movement

Believe it or not, another reason why hearing aid feedback occurs is because of certain mouth movements which include movement of your jaw, when chewing your food or when you basically talk, the movement of your mouth can cause whistling and screeching sounds in your hearing aid.

Ear Wax Buildup

Before putting on your hearing aid, it is always best to make sure your ears are clean, because earwax buildup is another cause of hearing aid feedback. Muffled sounds starts to occur when liquid starts to build up around the hearing aid area. When earwax becomes solid this begins to cause wave shattering with your device. To have your ears cleaned, it is advised not to use cotton swabs because it may be pushed inside the canal even more. Have your local doctor flush the earwax out or use an ear picker. With this you can have clean ears and eliminate feedback at the same time, for the results of better hearing.

Damage With the Hearing Aid

A common problem that causes feedback is when there is a slight damage in the device. This usually happens when the device gets cleaned or pushed in too much which results to parts of the device getting broken. With this, it can cause a leaked sound in the hearing aid which leads to feedback.

Now that some of the causes of feedback were discussed, here are tips on how to eliminate it. As mentioned, always make sure that the fit of the hearing aid is just right to avoid open air whistling in the device, make sure that the hearing device is handled with care, and make sure that your ear canals is clean from wax.

Those are a few easy ways to eliminate feedback from your hearing aid. You can always ask help from your healthcare provider and doctor to check up on the device to avoid further screeching. Remember to always take care of your device. Call Beltone Audiology at (888) 210-5846 to schedule your next appointment.