How To Find The Right Hearing Aids For You

  1. Beltone Trust

When you think of hearing aids, you may think of large, bulky devices that include a variety of unsightly tubes and wires. Today’s devices are just as powerful – and they come in a sleeker, more discreet package. Additionally, there are many types of hearing aids that you can choose from. We’ve included just a few varieties below.  

High Tech

Today’s devices are compatible with a wide variety of technology thanks to major advancements. You no longer have to fiddle with buttons and wheels to control the volume on the device. Today’s hearing devices are much easier to control both wirelessly through an app or your audiologist’s computer. Many also come with a tiny button right on the device that allows you to simply adjust the way you hear certain sounds with a simple press or series of presses. They are also compatible with Bluetooth, which allows you to connect them to your smartphone so that you can filter sounds from calls or music directly to your ear.

Dual Mics

If you deal with a lot of noise in your everyday life, you may want devices that have dual microphones. These make it easier to have a better social situation, such as when you are in particularly noisy environments like crowded restaurants. Dual microphones can help you to better understand speech when there is a lot of noise going on all around you.

Additionally, many of today’s hearing devices have noise reduction built right in. This is in place so you can have increased comfort in noisy situations. It’s important to talk with your hearing care professional to discuss the features you need the most with your device.

Cross Technology

Similar to dual microphones, there are also cross technology devices. They include an aid that is paired with a microphone that works to filter sounds from one side to the better ear. Generally, if you have hearing loss in both ears but only one ear is able to comprehend speech, you would be a good candidate for this type. It means if you have a profound hearing loss in one ear, you can receive those sounds in your better ear and no longer have to have people speak only on your better side.

It’s important to know that today’s devices are more discreet than ever. Many are tiny and fit right in the palm of your hand. They may fit over the ear or even inside the ear and are virtually invisible to other people. Contact the team at Beltone Audiology to discuss your needs and desires so you can find the best option for you.