How to Get Relief From Tinnitus

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Tinnitus is a medical condition that affects a person’s hearing. When a person has tinnitus they often hear ringing, clicking, roaring, buzzing or hissing in one or both ears. If you or a loved one feels as though you are experiencing tinnitus, meeting with an experienced audiologist like those at Beltone Audiology can help. Though tinnitus cannot be cured, its symptoms can be mitigated. Below is more information about tinnitus and a few ways it can be alleviated.

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Tinnitus can result from excessive ear wax or your temporomandibular joint. This joint is connected to your jaw near your ear canal. An ear doctor can check your temporomandibular for problems. If they discover anything wrong, they can perform a surgical procedure to correct it. Remember, there is no cure for tinnitus. The most that you can do is to manage this condition. One way to do this is to protect your ears from loud noises and by using the approved treatment methods from your otolaryngologist. The best way to improve your hearing care is to protect your ears and to avoid stressful situations.

What are Some Basic Remedies for Tinnitus?

Noise suppression is one technique that may be prescribed to patients to help them recover from their tinnitus. This type of treatment is designed to suppress the abnormal noise that a person hears. A white noise machine is often used to bring relief. This device is effective because it makes a sound that distracts your ears away from the abnormal sounds they typically hear.

Additionally, masking devices are also used to provide the same type of effect. Masking devices for a person ears, generates a different type of noise that will distract a person’s hearing. Tinnitus retraining is another method for helping a person to overcome this condition. Tinnitus retraining works by refocusing your mind to programmed music or sounds that divert your attention away from the abnormal noises. Electronic devices are used for this purpose.

Therapy and Tinnitus

Many people might not realize the fact that tinnitus is often associated with stress. Most people with tinnitus typically have depression, anxiety and/or insomnia. These conditions can cause people to develop the audio problems they are experiencing. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps to relieve tinnitus symptoms in people through counseling or therapy sessions. You should consider this type of treatment if tinnitus is impacting the quality of your life.

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